Dreaming the New World

As great as the challenges we are facing are - and there is no denying that we have an overload of work to do with obvious and great challenges, but I feel incredibly and clearly certain that we have none the less also moved into the New World (incubation) phase, and I feel mezmerized (and grateful) to be here. Anyone else?

I'm sure this feeling will wax and wane as we continue to evolve our days and process; but I'd like to honor the awareness that we have successfully tipped the scales and brought it in, this consciousness, and held it so devotedly and fiercely and sometimes tenderly through so much upheaval and healing and challenge and intensity and fierce down-in-the-dirt transformation (talk about a warrior generation), that nothing can stop this evolution now and, dare I say, in essence we have or already are now witnessing the energetic immensity of a new world emerging, and it feels so .. in that center core .. exciting. While honoring that there is still much suffering going on, and still much work to do both personally and globally.

So this does not mean we can sit back or become complacent, or that we don't have immense tasks at hand to do or carry on. on the contrary, our continued actions and newly developing and often softer but direct offerings are needed now as much as ever. But they feel ground-breaking in their simplicity, and innovative, simple and in the moment, direct and indirect at the same time. To let go of any exploration of our deeper callings now would be such a deep loss and mistake. So rest when you need to, but stick to it. And trust.

And as we truly and fully open to our well-earned deeper and matured callings and voices to share what we have worked so hard to earn and learn and cultivate and then let go of, I feel awe~inspired at the significant and often surprising shifts and advancements we are now watching emerge in so many areas of human awareness and life. A new way of being in the world. And so many of us are coming out with their "true" new voice. It is immense and stunning.

We have also moved beyond leaders and teachers and into equal-holding containers and collaborative patterns at long long last. It is like we have finally gotten it. That it (really) doesn't matter who gets credit, just that the work gets done. There is a falling away of the ego. As many of us have long awaited. ~ Sometimes I hold space for you and sometimes I receive from you, and the latter is just as important (if not more so) as the first.

This IS HER time, and if we are truly to maintain balance and wellbeing, not to mention the ultimate success of our hope and intention to heal and restore ourselves & this Earth, or to at least give Her what she needs to accomplish this regeneration, for She is far greater and wiser and even more devoted to rich, abundant beautiful life than we, then we must also and truly honor our own inner rhythms and need for rest and balance and self-care as well. Letting go of the masculine need to "do, do, do" is also in flux as we learn to be guided and moved to softer ways and actions through Her.

And as we look back at our losses too, and there have been many, we must know and understand that truly, there are no failures here, for there is no such thing in the lives of a warrior. Everyone and everything plays their perfect part here as Source designs or designates. And we must fully and honorably embrace and address our deeper understanding that it is all just a part of this physical/biological walk on earth, and a walk well-worn by all who grace it.

So. Heeding too our ongoing need to be able to rest, reflect, let go and allow the new, this new way of being requires radical trust and tender wholehearted surrender, and taking another significant power step towards mastering the wholeness of who and what, as both human and Divine, frail and fierce, Feminine and masculine, active and passive, but as Who we Truly Are, here on Earth.

But what an exciting time/no-time in Herstory, and a gift beyond comprehension to be here as we enter and witness the New Earth. I scarcely have the words to express the momentousness of it all. But I am feeling an excitement inside cellularly even as I reflect and speak.

Dreamers, keep dreaming.

I am rambling on a bus. (could it be the new mercury retrograde??) 
Anyone else today?

May 19. 2015

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