Destiny Be prepared for a solitary journey,
you will find that the camel
for which you are searching
is the one you are riding.

Who among us at some time has not felt that there is something they must discover which will make everything all right? There is, that something is you for you are so much greater than your wildest dreams or the cruel and misguided words of those who would have you believe otherwise. Greatness as seen through the eyes of man is rarely the soul’s desire or your destiny. Understand that destiny is the intent of the soul. Your soul, your destiny, joyously anticipates the unfolding of your awareness.For some, there is in a moment of stillness the fleeting awareness that there is a secret to life you must and shall know, only you can find it (The seeker and the secret are one) and that you must keep searching. This awareness is not always strong yet it is persistent. Become a willing participant in the great work.Why are we here? The simple answer is to fulfill our destiny, that one moment for which we were born into this world. Our destiny is the product of our supernatural (soul) intent, intent being the catalyst of creation. For many, destiny is not clearly seen, however it may be deduced by careful scrutiny of our actions and inclinations. Blessed is the child who is allowed (with loving guidance) to march to his/her own drummer. If your noble goal is unclear, know that it is not unclear to your soul. Pray for guidance and learn to trust that unseen hand. It is the gentle nudge of a dear friend, your soul. To change course with the wisdom of inner guidance may require uncommon courage. Trust the soul part of yourself and be at peace.You may not find some endeavors fullfilling for the soul part of you has another and perhaps greater plan. Do not however disparage what you are now doing for it too is part of the plan. Even tasks that are repetitious and boring can become a form of meditation; those moments of boredom are an invitation to look within, to greet your soul, to become a voice for it, a voice that speaks with authority.Pride and prestige are not attributes of the divine and do not serve us well as a guide to our destiny. Our destiny may not include enlightenment, although there could be no destiny that precludes it. In fact, the anecdotal experiences and the substantive evidence of new and/or increased awareness following near death experiences suggests an acceleration of the process. A good barometer of how well we are doing is the ease with which we move through life and the peace, joy and gratitude we feel. Ponder carefully the concept of unity with all life. The soul part of you which is God chose to experience this life on this plane. You came to this experience with all the tools you need to fulfill your destiny. Your destiny is unique to you. There is a gentle hand guiding you every step of the way. In time, you will clearly see that every so-called misadventure was exactly as it should have been and that the soul was indeed guiding you even when you insisted on doing it the hard way. You shall one day know that it was indeed a blessing. Consider the possibility that our limitations are not roadblocks but rather guideposts.Make no mistake, you chose to be here, you chose this experience. As a part of God, your soul chose to play a unique part in the evolution of life on this plane. The control that we so desperately seek over our lives has been there from the very beginning. The soul part of us in charge, submit to it.As Joseph Campbell has said, “follow your bliss”. There are those who from the beginning do this, sometimes with the help of a strong and loving parent. It is common for there to be a strong bond between the high-achiever and the parent or grandparent. It is as if there was a melding of the two souls. Abraham Lincoln said, “All that I am or ever hope to be, I owe to my mother”.The strong tendency of the soul to assist another flows from the wisdom of the universe. In so doing, we may know great joy. The freedom we exercise in choosing our path should also to be afforded to others.The last refuge of those dedicated to a life of mediocrity is to cast blame on others or the parent or that which we assume the parent(s) were trying to teach us. Get over it and accept the great blessing that you are here. You chose your parents. The soul part of you did not falter in this most important task. All the psychological theories in the world will not change this. Ernest contemplation of the matter will reveal the truth. Honor your parents, for without them, you would not be here nor would you have your unique DNA. To deny them is to deny your destiny, the very purpose for which you are here.You chose the initial circumstances of your life. Those very early moments, moments you may not remember may well have been pivotal and are not lost to the experience of the soul. A long time obstetrics nurse has said “I have with joy welcomed many old souls into this world”. Perhaps it is in the very early moments of incarnation that the light of the soul most clearly shines through. You chose which talents you would have and those you would not have. Perhaps those that would have made it easy for you to be diverted from your destiny were withheld (by you). Have we failed to observe that those among us we would judge to be the least well endowed produce some of the best if not the greatest works? Although the urge may be great, judge not, you know not the destiny of another.The awakening of consciousness should be attempted only with a pure heart or the desire of it and the guidance of a guru. A guru is one who loves you more than you are capable of loving yourself. A cautious approach is prudent. The soul, your soul has a plan, it is called destiny. We are told, “When the pupil is ready the master (Guru) will appear” and alas, depart when the task is complete. It is as if you have known him/her before and you shall know him/her again as always. The guru(s) will be unlike any teacher you have known, and will simply validate the truth that emerges from within you. The synchronicity of this process will cause you to smile. Western religions seem to be devoid of this concept and thus have no language with which to discuss it. To become entangled in Sanskrit terminology, for many may serve only to widen the chasm of misunderstanding. Examine all teachings, for the resonance found in the heart, your heart. From there you will be guided. Bias, once embraced, tends to flourish and ultimately consumes the host. On a positive note, fear not, the soul like water, will win.Accept this on faith as a first step. Practice the golden rule until it becomes automatic, and then you will know you are truly on the path. Joyously embrace that part of you that you scarcely know, it is your soul.If you are ready to renounce the more brutal aspects of human nature, if you sincerely desire to do so, if you suspect there is more to life than you have been told, if you are becoming restless in your comfort zone, if your muted voice cries out to be heard, if you smile at adversity, If the veiled mysteries have more attraction for you than the familiar, if the world about you is as a guinea farm at sunrise, then you are ready to allow the soul to lead you to your true destiny.The path is straight and narrow and filled with wonder. Release the tendency to imagine that you know what it is that you will discover. Question the paradigm that says an expert must teach you. You are the expert, the master, and the pupil. You are the great book of mysteries. Prepare a place in the heart to receive the pearl of great price.Over a century ago, Dr Maurice Bucke graciously gave us a work “Cosmic Consciousness” (a clever editor obviously chose the title) that even today in gist, appears to be ahead of its time. In it, he discussed not so much the process of enlightenment as he did the results of this marvelous occurrence. Although still in print, it remains mysteriously a great secret hidden in plain sight. If we ask why, there is the heresy of questioning the myth of the unique messiah and who would have dreamed that the taboo of the evolutionary process would still be with us?

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Comment by Bridget Ann Orman on January 3, 2009 at 5:35am
such an awakening experience thank you brother i offer love and light to you
Comment by dean meason on December 29, 2008 at 10:09pm
You cause me to smile
Comment by Eric on December 29, 2008 at 10:00pm
"Even tasks that are repitious and boring can become a form of meditiation." I've just had a lightbulb experience. Thank you. is an online global community creating personal freedom and conscious wellbeing for ourselves and our world



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