Today my eyes of gratitude are on my little brother Joby.

He is a driving force in my life, a love that is just ‘a given’ nothing that I have to think about or question.

I just KNOW he is there for me and shares his caring in the best ways he knows how.
He is a ‘man’s man’ so when he does something like take the time to write me a birthday poem, which he said took him months *whispers* and didn’t even rhythm…
I know that he has put all his heart and soul into the words that were fashioned together to create a circle of love and appreciation.
so, this week my brother, and also because its his Birthday, my eyes of gratitude are fixed firmly on him.

I will never forget how much you helped me when my life was in utter turmoil, how much you came around and did whatever I needed to be done in order to find me help and healing, and how you kept all my secrets and business to yourself, even to this very day.
Your support was paramount in my healing.
I will never forget how much you helped me raise my children when I was on my own and how they were able to look up to you and come to you when they needed encouragement, help, support and pocket money.(and still do to this very day )

I will never forget your kindest words and how proud you have made me to be a part of you and your life.

My little brother...12 years difference in our ages, 12 years without you, how lonely those 12 years were without you….

[note] the sites in this movie are from our home in New Zealand

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Comment by Maria on February 27, 2009 at 9:21am
This post really touched my heart..........Blessings to you and your wonderful Brother.
Comment by Alexa on December 17, 2008 at 10:43am

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