I created a day of the dead altar to the ancestors this week honoring two special four-legged souls that touched my and my husband's life with such love. And I subsequently found myself also connecting with the whole of the ancestors including my grandmother on the other side. What a magical night! and visit, it was.


It was an abSOUL-utely gorgeous connection on halloween eve. I was on the phone with my sacred toltec sisters while our group leader spoke to us from Teotihaucan, Mexico. I intended this altar first with the hope of hearing from one of my and Eric's beloveds who had had a difficult transition. We dearly wanted to know she was ok and not carrying any trauma over from her medical experiences. ...  Well, I did hear from that beloved little four-legged one (loud and clear) as well as my paternal grandmother.


During a sacred connection with Teotihuacan last night, I met my little darling dog in spirit and she was so excited to see me!! (and I her) and sosoooo happy. She's been bursting at the seams to get through to me that "she's OK!" and even "great!" and during our communication there was a dog in the background of the phone call that began barking steady and continued to bark until our communication was complete. It was as if my beloved sparkling soul was making sure I heard her and had clear validation for the experience. Well it worked and she found a way to insure my full attention! I experinced a crystalline clarity and clear connection with her that was abSOUL utely ... de-light-full! I created this altar after the call, and am spending more time with my paternal grandmother tonite. So many blessings and joys.

Thank you Spirit and to our journey leader for a very reverant call as well. My soul is c r a v i n g so much more of this goddess warrior ritual especially with women,  and it was a gift to commune with the other side this week. Grateful to the ancenstors and great wise grandmother as well as my sacred sisters.

The week of the ancestors/honoring the other side continues for a week. The Toltecs believe this is the time of year when the veil between the worlds is the most thin, so it is especially easy and accessable for communication with those you love on the other side.

For ideas on how to create your own altar, you may do this anytime between now and Nov. 5, visit:




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