Daily Practice - Tips for Cleansing Soul

Many of us are in a detoxification process right now. Detoxing physically, mentally, emotionally and energetically that which no longer serves. If this is you, be sure to drink plenty of water, take epsome and sea salt baths. Nourish the body with easy, nourishing brothy type foods. And be gentle with yourself. It takes time to release; but this too shall pass. Trust the process! ♥♥
Practices that are really (really really) helping me right now that I love:  
1: TOE TAPPING for 10-15 mins every morning  
     lie on your back on the floor with your feet gently apart  
     firmly roll/rock your legs from the hip/thigh joint to tap your big toes together.
     continue rocking your legs back and forth from the hip tapping your toes together again and again, preferably (and its most fun) with some good music
- if you have some music with a good fast beat, drums and/or tribal sounding beats, play it and tap your toes together to the beat  
      * This feels amazing and you can also do it before bed to help stop insomnia  
      ** This practice also relieves anxiety (great) and opens and energizes the lower half of your body, supporting grounding and peace - do it - every day

2: BODY TAPPING for 10-20 mins every morning  
     following the toe-tapping excercise, tap your body EVERYWHERE beginning with your lower dantien/lower belly, just below the naval.  
     with gentle fists, tap this lower tummy area for several minutes ...
     USE the MUSIC and tap to the beat.
     You can also sway your head right and left, great for awakening the brain and relieving neck tension  
     THEN..   Continue to tap each region of your body
     - take your time and indulge and enjoy each area of the following areas:
     Next to the chest, opening and cleansing the lungs - tap all around the chest and lungs with your fists, you can tap as hard as your body can take it
     Then tap the arm pits - opens and relieves so much, you'll be surprised, then...
     Up and down both arms (take your time, inner and outer side of arms)
     Down and up both legs (take your time, inner and outer, front and back of legs)
     then tap your back, especially the heart center, using a partner or a rubbery headed stick massager will do nicely as well
     - tap as hard as you can take
     * this practice will open, unblock and energize your entire body for the day   
     it is amazing! and one to surely enJOY
      sit in your comfortable position or chair and place your hands over your heart, one hand on top of the other with the thumbs touching     
     a soft music/song may play gently during this practice     
    focus on the following 4 words or phrases, calling each one in to grace your experience and life today:
     1- oceanic compassion (ever expanding compassionate heart)     
     2 - natural harmony (calm amid chaos)     
     3 - healing presence (this is love in action)     
     4 - unconditioned unconditional love (I love this phrase)
     Just sit with your hands over heart and quietly repeat these phrases for 10-20 minutes, I tell you, after the body work it is AMAZING and will bring balance, clarity and focus to last throughout your day.
     Take this and all times one day at a time. Don't think ahead. Just live in the "today".
     A daily practice, whatever you choose, however you do it, is so so soooo helpful
     especially if you are releasing.
     Happy blessed detoxing. Be gentle with yourself. I hope you enjoy some of these processess too.

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