I begin each day with an oh-so-easy Chi opener. Chi, or Qi, or sometimes called Prana (breath), is Life Force Energy. Especially as I am dealing with and healing from anxiety, my channels can get really blocked. But every morning, I do this simple tapping sequence, and it is a practice I just love. It is so simple yet powerful. And it feels really really good.

Making small "gentle fists" with your hands, start tapping the left side of the body, beginning with the shoulders and arms. I tap my left shoulder, down the outside of my left arm, back up the inside of the arm, and around a few times. I gently tap the hand, the palm first, and then the backside. Then I tap my right side, beginning with my shoulder, and working gently and mindfully down the right arm.

After I have done my arms, I gently tap over my face and head with my fingers, awaking the flow of chi, stimulating glow, and gently waking up the brain. Making an exaggerated "chewing" movement with the mouth also stimulates healthy teeth and gums.

Then I use the soft fists again to tap my chest, around my abdomen, my hips (front, back and sides), down the outside and up the inside of my legs several times, my feet, and then, gently on my back over my kidneys and anywhere I can reach. It feels great to do the back of my shoulders and neck now too.

This early morning tapping stimulates my flow of Chi in the morning. And brings a sense of self-love and peace as I begin my day. It was taught to me as part of a Qi Gong/Tai Chi practice. I haven't learned the whole Tai Chi movement yet, but I will one day!

I also love yogic Sun Salutations, especially as the sun rises in the East, and a few favorite yoga streches like cat pose and updog to get myself unblocked and flowing upon waking. And throughout my day, I take moments to pause and remember to brrrreathe! namaste

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