Crisis as Birth: Barbara Marx Hubbard

Is humanity at the tipping point? And is this a good thing? According to Barbara Marx Hubbard, it is!


I have seen speeches given by this woman and she holds quite a space. As a visionary teacher who not only sees but believes in the positive potentiality that humankind may well begin to reach, not only in our lifetime but in the very near years ahead, Barbara Marx Hubbard is an 80+ year old woman who is not only a joy and a powerhouse to listen to, but also a model for the health and wellbeing that each of us may carry.


Here are a few of her videos on the active global crisis of today:




I love how she says that "Crisis preceeds transformation." Can be applied to so many areas of our  lives.

This one speaks of the "new News," taking a positive spin - as the evolutionary nervous system of the planet - interesting; and I love what she says about birth. Re the global birthing process, she gives the analogy "it's like looking at a baby being birthed half-way through and saying "oh, God, this is horrible! I'm going to die!!" and not knowing what is on the other side when the process completes. Some real energy coming from this wonderful 80-something year old woman.



and here's what Neale Donald Walsh says about Barbara Marx Hubbard -


from Neale Donald Walsh: I think that we all are . . . no, I know that we all are . . . imbued with the potential to be more than we’ve so far allowed ourselves to be. Further, I think that we all know it. And I think that we are all endowed with an impulse to move toward our highest expression of that More that we know we are.

I’m convinced that all we need is courage, and all we need to gather the courage is a model, a template, a contemporary example, a here-and-now sample of how life could be lived in a new way. In short, someone to inspire us.

That’s where Barbara comes in. Eighty years of age at this writing, she feels that she and we are just beginning, that humanity is going to break through, not break down, and that we are ready to set aside our old patterns and old beliefs and old ways of being as we invent a New Human.

Barbara sees this as part of the natural evolutionary process of all sentient beings. And she believes that there is a natural Place in Time when conditions are perfect for all such beings to launch a new way of living. It is the fulcrum. It is the apogee. It is what Malcolm Gladwell calls the Tipping Point.

For humanity, that time may very well be . . . December 22, 2012.

Barbara and some of her friends are now calling this “Day One.” They are inviting us to join in envisioning, planning, and creating a huge, global multimedia Satellite and Internet Experience during the days leading up to the 22nd, telling the story of our species’ emergence as a new kind of human, and of the beginning of the next cycle of evolution.

Amidst all the anxious wondering, worried predictions, and negative speculation of many around the globe who see 2012 as an Ending, you and I are being urged by all the forces and energies of the Universe to see it as a Beginning—as Barbara sees it. Indeed, Barbara calls it “a birthing.”

How has she come to this point of view? Is it realistic? Could it be true?

The answer is that the life of Barbara Marx Hubbard includes a series of spiritual encounters—three of them, to be exact. And in her case, she paid attention.

As we mature, we, too, will pay attention. We will not only be able to acknowledge the existence of the part of our being from which such wisdom flows—what we might call our Higher Self—but we will also be able to communicate with it, receive guidance from it, and relate to it in a way that changes our lives forever. - neale donald walsh

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