"How many of us really have fun every day? Time when we do nothing but relax, enjoy a good book, or listen to great music? Think back to when you were a child, perhaps exploring the environments of your block or neighborhood. Every bug, plant, rock, song you sang with your childhood firends, all of it, was new. And each activity brought with it a flood of ideas and creativity.


Experiences like these offer glimpses of the soul. They are rooted firmly in the present, impervious to time.



As adults, such experiences continue to be important. Enjoying activities that have no external goals or milestones-to-reach enables us to dig deep into our own resevoirs of creativity and connect more deeply with ourselves and others.


It is through play and experimentation that some of our best ideas rise to the surface spontanesouly. We make a bold discovery, have the "aha" moment instantly - visualizing the solution, or reconnecting with our dharma, our true purpose in life.




Try to remain open to being your most creative. Release your fears. Follow your intution. Acknowledge the synchronicities that nudge us toward a new path. Entertain diverse prespectives. And let go of rigid fixed beliefs. Allow the past to die so that you can live in this moment, today.


Just as the body is changing in every moment, give yourself permission to choose a different way. Each new perspecitve, experience, and insight, fosters new brain patterns to support our desires and goals.


And such wonderous transformations can only happen when we allow ourselves the time and freedom to create, and re-create, everyday."


Deepak Chopra



A meditation for today:

Let's go now to the source of creativty, our spirit.

As you prepare to enter into silence, consider this centering thought:

"Through rest and play, I open my creative channel."

Repeat this thought silently to yourself several times. Then sit in breath-meditation for several minutes.

When you are finished, get up, and enjoy your day.


~ namaste ~



inspirations from Deepak Chopra




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