In truth, I am more than a little surprised nuclear regime change has not yet happened in America. Whatever has prevented it is certainly not the Department of Homeland Security. Far more likely millions of sincere prayers for mercy on these miserable offenders have delayed what may be inevitable. However, even if we lose half our nation to nuclear attack, it seems wise to have a new blueprint in place for national federation.

I recently considered a very relevant question I would like to share with you. If our founders had created an alternative national government in 1770, approved by colonial legislatures, could the bloodshed of the Revolutionary War and The War Against the States have been avoided? Has this nation been doing without visionary leadership from it's birth? My answer is yes. Can a nation of 300 million people find 3,000 wise and visionary citizens and non citizen friends to create a new national Constitution? My answer to this is also yes.

Many of us are convinced party politics is totally counter productive and hopelessly regressive. It is so regressive, national leadership cannot imagine they are dealing with problems created more than two centuries ago. They neither look back to the rock from which we were hewn, nor forward five years in the future. They only look to the next election and the one to five years they have to raise billions in financing to maintain their status as privileged corporate puppets.

Sporting bumper stickers saying Throw the Bums Out has been great fun for the past 3 decades while the wisdom of the majority reelects most of them or replaces a few with carbon copy bums offered the people by the corporate oligarchy. This nonsense can be ended by the ratification of a new Constitution by just thirty states, made clients and puppets of national government by Abe Lincoln's violent unity politics one hundred forty five years ago. Since that time the states have behaved as though once defeated always defeated and they have all of us believing it. It just isn't so. The states could have recovered full sovereignty the day after John Wilkes Booth executed an American traitor.

In spite of the fact states have been playing the role of defeated victims and clients of the national generosity for140 years, they are the key to our only chance of non violent revolution and a legal divorce from corporate husbandry. That the citizens have been playing along with this victim role, leaving them free of all supervisory duties, in their mind's eyes, is testimony majority sentiments only promote corruption of valid process. Let them vote as they please and let the wisest in the states guarantee only candidates with integrity and honor appear on the ballots, whether we have ten political parties or none at all. The founders acknowledged wisdom in the state legislatures when they provided for the election of senators by them.

We now have technology which allows for full citizen participation in government and total public transparency which no government is employing to such an end. Why? Citizen indifference. The same reason hundreds of thousands have died in Iraq and millions globally. Ignorance, indifference and dispassion, the three horsemen of human misery and the pride of majorities everywhere.

Since some of us are well aware no more than 5% or 15 million people actually care about the sorry state of American affairs among the American public, so "deserving" of better by virtue of birth and auto citizenship, let us turn management over to that 5% who will step up to the plate and hit a homeland run. I have begun networking with like minds and intend to locate those in my state government soon. Those of us who want real change will never be able to get it at the ballot box. It will come only by substantial revision to our fundamental law, appropriate to a new millennium and a new age.

Blessings X 10,


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Comment by Swansend on December 9, 2009 at 11:02pm
Hello Ed, that was a great read, I agree with you maybe 95%. The only thing I can think of to differ is the three horsemen analogy. I think it is Apathy, competition and ignorance regardless we do need changes. I also wonder if when we do ratify a new constitution could we demand whoever we elect to undergo a mental evaluation? I find it incomprehensible that they subject the military to both mental and physical evaluations, but not our leaders. In any case I have started networking as well, I have added anyone who has signed and pledged to the tenth amendment center. I didn't know what else to do at the time. I am still looking for friends and neighbors in my area, who are interested in real change. I found this little ditty, thought you may like. is an online global community creating personal freedom and conscious wellbeing for ourselves and our world



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