Crazy comments on Micheal Moore Peter Shiff pg.This is my comment!

Wow!As for as my opinion is in this .It's what you all know deep inside already.The human race is in absolute forgetfulness of self.Their is one man who said it best!Hidegger!"Man has no care of being".Completely sold down the road to greater suggestions than his own.Generations mirrioring each other in acceptance of an age old lie.Fear of self FEAR OF DEATH.Hence the provocateers of the ages.Able to feed on the prejudices created by fear and Make more fences of religion controlled by an absolute killer....their best....Money! The true meaning of value is rarely used anymore.Even Philosophy as we once new it is gone.Theres only a glimmer of that left.So look inside to find you and read about your true origin.Find your diversity and by doing so reverence in others will grow.For all to unite is for all to celibrate each and every cultures ,groups and persons diversity's.Individualism is only achieved in the TRUTH AND OR TRUTHS of unity!........ ... peace!

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