Connecting to Tribe and Expanding the Dream (again, and again)

I just joined up with the Miguel Ruiz Academy of Awareness and watched my first video as I began to take a look around. Oh, God, I love this man. How deeply I see and feel him. It is as if he is looking directly into my (our) eyes through the video. And I am transported again back to the first time I sat before him in 1995 in Santa Fe, NM. I was immediately in love. and at home. After meeting him in dreamtime that very night, my life was forever changed. Having spent several events with him over the years and continuing to frolick with several of his other lineage apprentices, it was seeing him the first time as it is again and still today - I feel his heart. His love. His mastery. And I am so honored to be reconnecting in this way today. What a gift to be able to spend some time with him and his family again in this new way at this point in my life. I have come a long way on my personal journey since our first and consecutive meetings. He and his energy guided me through 15 years of study and focus. And my life has been transformed. I continue on now feeling humbled and joyful to be in the presense of this Master and Lover/Teacher in this new way today.

Here's to moving ever forward. I am filled with such full Love.


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