There will be no meaningful discussion of health care anywhere - until we define some terms. In the United States of America there is no health care system and there is no health care but personal health care. Just like hygiene. You do it, or you do not. You care, or you do not. Most of us do not because we were never taught. It has only been in the past century rich nations have found a profitable racket insuring people who do not care, against the financial consequences of not caring. Now people insist such insurance is their birthright. Pretty silly if you think about it.

The entire insurance industry is a scam that convinces people to bet against their selves. It is a profit play on poverty consciousness which makes every premium payer a potential victim in their mind's eye. I take out a policy in the belief I have spread the risk of financial consequences among a pool of premium payers. When I do so I am betting a situation will arise in which I will be glad I did. Betting for me is the insurer. He is betting I will pay a lifetime of premiums for a claim he will never have to pay. He has tables of odds that predict the annual payouts from the pool and the profits to be made from fools. So why am I betting against myself and renewing that bet year after year? I am doing it to avoid becoming a debtor and financial burden to others should I become a victim of bad luck. Have I been a victim of bad luck? Sometimes. What has it cost? Inconvenience, humiliation. Did I pay? Yes I did. But now I prefer that others pay and I will gladly pay to see they do. Oh.

And so we have national and global debates about how to pay for something we only want because we are ignorant and foolish. The odds are in our favor and we want to bet against them. We want to guarantee others get paid for our own foolishness and neglect. Today's major complaint is, we seldom get what we thought we were paying for. All the loopholes favor the scammers. Golly, how did that happen? Why, they saw us coming a mile away.

The cheapest and best quality insurance your money cannot buy is education and gratitude. Not because they will pay the scammers but because they avoid them altogether. Just as due care will prevent an insurable accident, due care will prevent sickness and disease. When you are healthy, you think clearly and avoid unnecessary risks and the company of people who will expose you to such. Giving thanks each and every day for what we have, is not only most likely to preserve what we have but increase it. It is the foundation of the Lord's Prayer, which is easily convertible to a gratitude prayer. It can be converted to a mantra, an affirmation or anything you desire to express gratitude. As to education there is free and paid. The paid is cutting edge and as word leaks out it becomes free. So if you do not want such a burdensome possibility, go right ahead and insure. But don't go digging in my pockets to pay your premiums because I deliberately keep them empty.

Let us daily increase in: wisdom, love, gratitude, reverence, healing, peace, joy, happiness, laughter and prosperity.

Blessings X 10,


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