Changing Eating Habits and Cutting Out Stress

Today has been a nice day.
I am looking forward to spending the evening with my children.
Straightening the front room and I thought we might decorate for Christmas season.
something they have been bugging me about....heheh.

So we can get some work done while I am off.
I am looking forward to things calming down.
I enjoy the holidays just can't take alot of the crowds.
well gotta go kids will be getting home before to long.

I was thinking of trying a few new ideas in cooking tonight.
I have been trying new vegetables out on occassion that I hope to enjoy.
I had to cut out some Lettuce from my diet since I have a bad reaction to it.
I have had stomach problems since I was a kid and I loved eating salads but could never figure out why I had problems afterward.
Well my mom found out she can't eat lettuce do to the pollups(?sp) on the lettuce.
So we figured this has got to be the same problem I had.
And so since I stopped eating lettuce I haven't had horrendous stomach pains.
I replaced it with spinach leaves.
Much healthier more vitamins as well.
So at least I am benefitting from it. cutting out stress also helps since I have IBS as well.
But it is getting better as I learn to eat better for my body.
And learning to deal with stress as well is a benefit.

I have found several people to talk to as I find these groups and it is a help since you can hear insight to others that may have similar problems they have learned to deal with in a positive manner.
It is so encouraging to me and I cheer for them and listen to them as they need a friend.

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Comment by Moondancer on December 10, 2008 at 2:27pm
I took a quiz to find my type and it keeps coming up as a tri-Dosha.
So I tend to eat with the season what my body needs.
During winter and fall months I love making soups,chilis, and such they sooth and warm the body.
During the winter and fall I tend to get cold easily but the warmer the weather I can overheat easily.
I have literally blacked out and had my legs go out from under me when this has happened.
On a rare occasion this can happen if I am sick during the cold weather.
Comment by Alexa on December 8, 2008 at 5:53pm
I love the Master Cleanse also. But I am small and cannot afford to lose the weight! But I can do it for a day or so. Also, I have a pitta-vata type constitution (very dry, very sensitive), so I do best with all foods and veggies cooked. Can't digest the raw stuff myself. But we all find what works for us. That is so great. This is inspiring. Great work, Sandy!!

We drove around last night just after dusk and also felt so uplifted to see the Light displaying all around. Then, Monday hit. Oi-vay!... lol. But doing pretty good with it all and am so proud of myself for that. We could use some of that dampness here, in Colorado it is so dry. hugs.
Comment by Sandy on December 8, 2008 at 4:27pm
Hi I have just completed a Master Cleanse fro 10 days and lost 15lbs in weight, which feels great............I am now opting for a more raw food lifestyle as much as possible, I am going to LEAN into it rather than thats it I have change my entire eating habits completely forever..........I find leaning into anything works better for me and my personality, as I have a tendancy to be too harsh on myself and overly critical if I fail as we do sometimes.......Once I have said I am leaning into something I can allow myself the odd faux par without the criticism.

I just love having the Christmas decos and lights up it so lifts my spirits for an otherwise grim time of year in the UK, dark, very cold and very DAMP..............
Comment by Alexa on December 8, 2008 at 12:48pm
We decorated our home yesterday, too. I love all of the lights everywhere. I put some garland and a lighted wreath around the porch. it lifted my spirits and brightened the house so much. I have also experienced food sensitivies over the past few years. I found a gluten free fiber bread that I just love. it took some time, but now I'm used to it. and I plan on doing a candida cleanse at some point. my sensitivites seem to have diminsished a bit. that seems like good news. sometimes it takes small things to lift the spirits when you are on a healing path. it can get trying on the spirit. but small improvements are so appreciated! anyway, moondancer, have a nice day. alexa is an online global community creating personal freedom and conscious wellbeing for ourselves and our world



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