Change: Contracting before Expanding

When change is in the air, remember the butterfly.

Change, shifting our energy and MO, opening to the new, it can all feel a bit like a birth. And it is. And we can remember that birth does not happen without its pain. First there are contractions, as the new moves and wriggles to get out. It's leaves behind the afterbirth, which must be cleaned and and released. Once on the other side, the newly emerged being, beautiful and vulnerable, takes its first steps to gain its new "legs", and adjust to the new world it has entered. "Is it safe? Am I strong enough, ready to fly here? Maybe it will take a little more time to adjust."

Birthing pains. Shifting pains. They come with emergence and awakening. Here is a great article from DailyOm today on change. It seems to be the topic of the day. It's great to be recieving these messages.

And remember - Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over... it became a butterfly!


Going through the Opening: Contracting before Expanding

Sometimes our lives contract before they expand. We may be working hard on ourselves spiritually, doing good in the world, following our dreams, and wondering why we are still facing constrictions of all kinds—financial, emotional, physical. Perhaps we even feel as if we’ve lost our spirituality and are stuck in a dark room with no windows. We may be confused and discouraged by what appears to be a lack of progress. But sometimes this is the way things work. Like a caterpillar that confines itself to a tiny cocoon before it grows wings and flies, we are experiencing the darkness before the dawn.

When things feel tight, it’s easy to panic or want to act in some way to ease the feeling of constriction. We might also spin our wheels mentally, trying to understand why things are the way they are. However, there is nothing we need to do at this time other than to be patient and persevering. We can cling to the awareness that we are processing the shift from one stage to another, and the more we surrender to the experience, the more quickly we will move through the tightness into the opening on the other side. Just like a baby making its way down the birth canal, we may feel squeezed and pushed and very uncomfortable, but if we remember that we are on our way to being born into a new reality, we will find the strength to carry on.

Even as we endure the contractions, we can find peace within ourselves if we remember to trust the universe. We can look to the natural world for inspiration as we see that all beings surrender to the process of being born. In that surrender, and in the center of our own hearts, is a willingness to trust in the unknown as we make our way through the opening.


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