Have you ever been attracted to a place but had no idea why? My whole life I've been fascinated with castles, the English countryside, and the music of the 15th century. I don't know much about past lives but what I do know is that sometimes I feel a longing for another time, another place deep in my soul.  As a child I often dreamed I lived in a castle, I ran in the green of the English countryside with happiness and there was always this music playing in the background. I could never identify it or what instrument it was all I knew was that it was calming and peaceful.

Maxstock Castle Photo Credit: Steve Wilson: Wikimedia Commons

In these dreams I was always so happy. I was surrounded by family, even though I could never see their faces clearly I could feel the 'love.'  It was such a strong, beautiful energy and so different from what I felt in real life. As I got older the dreams stopped, but whenever I was feeling down or blue I would remember the castle, the love and the happiness of those dreams. These memories have given me comfort during some of the toughest times in my life.  I could faintly recall the music but could never seem to find it outside of my dreams

A few days ago I turned on the history channel and there was a show about 15th century music. Lo and behold I heard the music that was so familiar to me on a soul level. The instrument was a lute. Over the years I've seen references to the lute but always thought it was a type of flute and not a string instrument. The music in my dreams was played by a string instrument.  I was so excited to finally know what this instrument was. I was able to find some lute music composed in the 15th century. I feel such deep peace, contentment, and happiness when I listen to it.

I do believe in past lives and that they can reach into our now to comfort us, to guide us, or point us in a different direction. As a child I didn't grow up in a loving home, but the dreams of the castle and the lute saw me through. The memories of those dreams have provided me with comfort all of my life. Whether it was just a dream or a past life memory I may never know. All I do know is that something outside myself has reached out from the past to provide a sense of love and comfort, to remind me as a child what 'love' is and could be and to comfort me through hard times in my later years.

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Comment by Sarah Sunny on August 1, 2014 at 7:32pm

Thanks, Alexa. It's nice to be back!

Comment by Alexa on July 31, 2014 at 9:48pm

I love this Sarah! it's nice to see you. :) 

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