Blogging my way to Wellness: Taking care of the little girl in me, 5/7/09

Mercury went retrograde today and will stay retro thru the end of the month. (It will go "direct" again on May 31st). With Mercury in retrograde, this is a notably good time for rest, going within, healing and caring for things of the past. (Do you have a room that needs painting?, something that broke that needs fixing now? an inner issue to address? these are good mercury retro activities.)

Mercury retro is not a good time to sign any written contracts (don't buy a new car, new home, hire a new lawyer, a new cell phone contract or get married this month!) Mercury retro causes delays, delays, delays, and often electronic or pathway bumps and glitches.

But again, it is a great time for healing! I too am resting and reflecting at this time. And I am taking some T.O. to take care of my inner child. This post is for her.

Taking care of my inner child:

I am grateful to embrace my inner child today. She is so pure and gentle and she has needed me so much.

For my little girl, I have finally found validation and comfort fully for the first time. For me, a deep inner healng journey was the beginning of my road to seeing and loving the child within, and I do love her now, so very much.

At my inner child's core is a great love, passion, compassion and care for animals, the earth, playing, spiritual Truth, kindness, and being creative.

Today I am proud to care for the child within. And to give her the nurturing, safety, comfort and cuddles she always deserved.

Blessings to the Inner Child.

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Comment by Alexa on May 9, 2009 at 2:21am
Dean, that is so great, so great, so great! I honor the Buddah in your little boy within. Compassionate One. That makes me smile. xoxo

Comment by dean meason on May 7, 2009 at 10:15pm
Alexa, I'm taking care of my little boy within. I rescued a fat little frog from from what would have been his certain demise. He looked at me and said " thank you, I knew you would"
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