Blogging my way to a Healthy Life: 5/19

Well, things are going well on many levels today. However, I really need to get a handle on my on-again/off-again smoking addiction. My thyroid climbed up on me again causing an extra load of wirey-anxiety and that "one day of smoking to help me with this extra edginess" has escalated into a couple of weeks already and I am feeling it.

I always say, well, I only smoke all-natural cigs and probably "only" four a day. But c'mon. I am working on a heavy metal cleanse and I don't like adding more of them in! It's hard, let me tell you.

My intention is to get over my denial with it already, bite the cravings for awhile and finally be able to stay off of them altogether. I hope this is a new start.

(Just remembering a quote I recentely read by a woman who is now a successful and wealthy coach. She said: "I failed, and I failed, and I failed again. That is why I am successful now.") To me that means, keep at it. And success will come.

Never give up.

love and light and blessings today

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