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BLOGGING IT OUT - Surrounded by bricks

Okay, so I am diabetic, no biggie. It explains a lot. The heart palpitations and the light headedness and the spaced out feeling weren't my heart - just a hypo attack. Thats a big relief. Must remember to always eat brekkie and to carry some jelly beans around with me (thats no hardship LOL). Now I have to devise an eating plan for controling a)losing weight, b)blood pressure, c)high cholestrol, d) diabetes, e)heart health.

My diet is quite good at the moment but there are a few conflicting foods I need to find out about.
I need to exercise more I know. Despite walking everyday the weight does not seem to be shifting.

How do I feel - well, firstly relieved. Its something I can control and at this stage I need no medication for it which is great because I already take quite a few tablets a day for my heart health and its bad enough trying to remember to take them all at the right times. Secondly - it has been named, now it can be dealt with and then I can move forward again.

I'm sat here on this big pile of bricks - there is the saying "If life hands you lemons - make lemonade', my new saying is "if Life blocks you with a Brick Wall - smash it down and use the bricks as stepping stones to a new way" Each of those bricks represent a problem overcome.


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