BLOGGING IT OUT - I smashed that dam brick wall

Things are not as bad today, the pain killers worked wonders. Though I am not to keen being on them. I didn't take last nights one and woke early this morning with just the slightest twinge.

Thanks Alexa for your words.

The doc says I have slight athritis (? spelling) and a bit of muscle soreness and disc damage but nothing major and nothing to worry about just something I am going to have to watch - no heavy lifting and twisting at the same time. Lets hope on monday the other doc is going to tell me I am just pre-diabetic and all thats needed is watching my diet. I feel so much more positive today. I think once I got all that negativity out by blogging the whole thing became clearer.

A friend has arranged for me to have a massage tomorrow, I am so looking forward to that.

Waking early this morning after a goods nights sleep I took advantage of watching the dawn, it was so peaceful and calming and I was able to start my day just how I like it. I even made my coffee and went back to bed to read for a while. I slobbed around for the morning without a care and focussed on myself. My son made a delicious dinner tonight from yesterdays left-overs (I have yet to go in the kitchen and see if he has made the usual mess) so now I can settle down to an evening in front of the tele and if there are any marshmallows left I will have them melting in my hot chocolate. I heard the rustle of the packet so I think my stash has been sprung.

I read my angel cards yesterday - no matter spread I did I kept getting the same cards over and over again. Stop trying to be in control, let things go, go with the flow, accept things, listen and learn etc etc etc. Okay okay I get the picture. I release my control.


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