BLOGGING IT OUT - Hitting a Brick Wall

Well thats what it feels like. After a visit to the doc for the results of my cholestrol test I am not as revved up about life as I was. My cholestrol has gone up significantly enough for the doc to put me back on to the higher dose Lipitor and she told me that my blood sugars are sky high, with all the family history and the itching skin and aching legs and the need to go pee every five minutes the chances are quite high that I have diabetes. It would explain a lot of things though, things that we were putting down to my heart problem. My blood sugars have always been okay, but we thought that with my cholestrol and blood pressure. I've always been healthy. Up until 19 months ago I hadn't seen a doctor for many years, in fact I didn't have a doctor. Its like all these things were put on hold whilst I raised my kids,cared for a sick hubby etc etc. Now the kids have flown the nest and I am on my own its bang bang bang, one thing after another.

I EFT, I think positive thoughts, I've worked through things. I am happy with who I am. I do not like being sick, I do not like to have to rely on people. I really really do not like thinking - whats next.

On the up side - let me think, can I think of one good thing that would cancel out everything else, what am I grateful for today.

I woke up this morning

I found great parking spots

I remembered everything I set out to do

I had a good chat with a friend

Its a beautiful day

I have enough money

I paid my first 'wage' cheque into the bank

The fridge is full

So life isn't so bad after all, if I do have diabetes, I'll just add it to the thyroid, heart, cholestrol problems, deal with it and then file it away. At least going to the docs gets me out of the house.


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Comment by Alexa on May 18, 2009 at 1:01pm
Jan, even in your understandably "this bites" mood, you are a gem and you make me smile. Take heart that things will settle again, and knowing these things helps sometimes so we know what our bodies/and self need to take optimal care. and hon, I have had these moments too, they come and go, I know you know all this, but good job getting it out and over the hurdles some more. Lots of love to you. :) alexa is an online global community creating personal freedom and conscious wellbeing for ourselves and our world



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