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I have been in so much pain the past few days. Something is wrong with my upper back, the docs don't know what is causing it, its not a typical back pain and its not in an area where they can say its a disc problem. It started as a dull ache occassionally just after my by-pass surgery, 20 months later it has developed overnight into a pain thats feels like red hot pokers beeing pushed through my back, it feels like something snapped. Had x-rays and blood tests this morning so hopefully the doc can tell me something tomorrow. Luckily the heavy duty painkillers are doing their job. I tried EFT'ing and being positive but couldn't get in the right frame of mind. I had the Fasting Glucose Tolerance test and it doesn't look good, I couldn't see my own doc yesterday so had to see her hubby instead and he wouldn't tell me the results, he just frowned and moved his computer screen so I couldn't read what was on my notes. But the fact that she actually phoned me up and said she needed to see me has got me worried.

I am just getting so p'd off with myself for allowing all this illness in. Did I attract it, is it all the badness coming out of me after all the hard work on my spirituality and inner being. I never used to get ill. Have all these illnesses been waiting in line for a weak moment where they can pounce.
I was happy with my life, I'd got to a stage where I could relax a bit. True, I have not been spending as much time on meditation and working through things - did I leave my guard down. Another theory is that I have always been too busy to be ill - wife, mother and carer - I couldn't be sick while all these people depended on me. Now I have all this me time, time to be me and do the things I want to and I get hit with all this.

There was a humerous side to all of this - the doc reminds me of a big kid, he gets very flustered as well. I had a fit of the giggles because he couldn't do up my underwear after he had examined my back, i couldn't do it because of the pain it caused, trust me to wear my oldest and daggiest underwear, the one with the broken clasp. Then this morning having the x-rays the technician forgot to put the plates in the machine, not once did he do it but twice and then when he did put it in he put it in backwards.

I picked up Louise L Hays - You Can heal your Life at a second hand book store, I already have the work book so I might just give that a go. I also have Shakti Gawains book and a couple more healing your life type books, perhaps I should re-immerse myself in all of this positivity . Though the way I am feeling its like I should just give up now. If I could lift my leg that high without causing damage to my back I would give myself a swift kick up the behind.


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Comment by Alexa on May 28, 2009 at 4:50pm
hi Jan. I've been having a load of physical pain also. It just rocks my boat too to no end it seems sometimes. I know for me there are environmental toxins to cleanse, affecting my thyroid, fatigue and also some candida, I am certain (did the spit test).

With all the attention on "inner healing" these days, we can get down right hard on ourselves during healing. But there are also physical factors. For me after the exhaust leak, just have to accept it as it is, it affected my body and care and cleansing is now in order, and it is not an easy task. I'm only on day 5 of super cleanse, and I wonder - is this really gonna help? (I ususally eat this way anyways, however, I am working to cut out all sugar snacks, even the litte things, and processed health foods, not easy as I am small and get very hungry! I miss those extra calories.)

I'm not recommending not to pay attention to the inner stuff that comes up, cuz that's important to attend to. I always say "our feelings are our guideposts to a recovered life." In fact, I'm not really recommending anything at all. Just sharing that I too am having these challenges at this time, and I can relate and understand. Yes, indeed, yes indeed.

Having pain in the body is wearing. Don Miguel always says "our best is better when we are feeling well, and not as good when we are not feeling well." So. Some words of comfort to remember.

See you later on the blog reel! love Alexa is an online global community creating personal freedom and conscious wellbeing for ourselves and our world



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