How to Practice Blessings of Gratitude in challenging times

I wrote the book "Blessings of Gratitude" because I have experienced how blessing and being
grateful for everything has given me the strength
and courage to move through difficult times with a positive attitude and helped
me to overcome my fears. Through these blessings and focusing my mind on
gratitude, I was able to accept what was happening easier and put my attention
on what I have instead of what I thought I did not have. It has been a great
source of support. I hope it does the same for you.
 - Laurie Leah Levine


It can be a challenge sometimes to be able to feel grateful in the moment or to see something as a blessing when we are in pain or in emotional distress. It can take a little while sometimes to get to that place of recognition. Be gentle with yourself if this is what is happening for you.

The blessings from a book by Laurie Leah Levine are written from a spiritual and metaphysical perspective. Some of the blessings may be a bit different from what you are used to. These blessings have been written to support you to see your experience in a new way and to connect you to the feeling of gratitude.

No matter what is happening, when you are able to feel grateful for your life, it helps to reduce fear and bring you back to feeling more peaceful again. I have found that no matter where we are in our spiritual development fears can still come up. It is what we do inside our mind that can make all the difference.
Think about a time that you experienced something good and unexpected coming out of a so-called “bad” situation.

Did you ever think about that experience as being a blessing?

Laurie Leah Levine writes: I wanted to share with you something that happened to me. I found a nodule on my thyroid and when they operated to remove it they found it was cancerous. This experience has really shown me more than ever the power of gratitude and seeing every situation as a blessing. Whenever I felt fearful about the upcoming surgery or treatments I would need to undergo, I would bless my body, every aspect of my life and focus my attention on everything I am grateful for. I found this really helped me to stay in the present moment and reduced the fear I was feeling significantly. This experience has allowed me to teach from a much deeper place, to love myself and appreciate all that I have more than I have ever done before. Most importantly I have learned to not take my thyroid or any part of my body for granted.

I have worked with thousands of people over the years and my clients noticed specific changes in their lives and bodies when they began to bless and love their pain, each part of themselves and their situation. Many experienced a decrease in the pain levels and greater relaxation and peace of mind.

One of my clients, Mary lost her job and was going through many changes. Through the power of blessing her situation and being grateful for her life, she was able to release her fear and anxiety and become excited about all the new opportunities awaiting her.

One of the spiritual lessons I have learned and teach is that we are more than the obstacles in our life.
When we bless something it brings us into a state of love and gratitude which actually changes our frame of mind and perception from a negative state to a more positive one. It literally interrupts the way we see, feel and think about things and allows us to experience it

If you are not comfortable with God as a reference point please substitute with Higher Power, Angels or any word or phrase that is appropriate and most comfortable for you.

Find out just how much your attitude and life can change by utilizing blessings and gratitude on a daily basis. I hope it will help you get through rough times, as well as add great value and love to your life.
With love in my heart, make each blessing a ritual of gratitude for your mind, body, spirit and life. I have enclosed some of the blessings in my book. There are over 100 blessings for everything that happens in our life.

How different would you life be if you could see everything that happens as a blessing?


Blessing Of Gratitude

I believe that gratitude is a very heart opening and life fulfilling spiritual practice.
No matter what is happening when you can stop and take a moment to think about all you are grateful for; you open yourself up to connect more deeply with your Divine Spirit and God.

This is a wonderful blessing to say whenever you want to tap into the feeling of gratitude.
I am truly grateful for all that I have in my life.
I give thanks for the people I love and for those who love me.
I bless my body and know I am the light and life of Spirit. I bless and am grateful for happy times as well as difficult times.

I am open to see things that happen in my life as a blessing, even the so called bad things. I am grateful for my work and for the people I work with. I give thanks for all the spiritual guidance I receive. Thank you God for all the blessings and love in my life.

Blessing Yourself
Are you used to blessing others when they sneeze?
How often do you actually take the time to bless yourself?
Do you spend time and energy judging, condemning and being angry with yourself; or feeling like you are not good enough?
You may choose to live your life feeling angry and fearful.
Where does this get you?

It certainly does not get you anywhere if your intention is to live a positive, loving and healthy life. You can start to change this pattern and love yourself more by forgiving, blessing the positive and negative aspects and being grateful for whom you are on a daily basis. Blessing yourself will help you to bring greater good into your life by beginning to change your “self-talk” from negative to positive. Self forgiveness is an ingredient of self love.

I bless myself for just “being me.” I am unique and there is no one else like me. I am made in the image and likeness of God. I forgive myself for anything I may have done in the past. I bless, accept and love my willingness to grow and be the best ME that I can be. I accept my positive and negative aspects now and am grateful for who I am and the difference that I make in the world.

Blessing Every Organ
Did you know that there is a direct connection between specific emotions and the organs?
We actually hold old emotional pain in the cells of our body. I have found in my work that people start to feel more balanced, healthier and calmer when they take the time to bless each organ. It is a way of creating a relationship from the inside out. Each organ has a physical function as well as an emotional, spiritual and mental connection.

This is a good opportunity to become more aware of your body and the emotions you may be unconsciously holding in your cells and giving yourself permission to release them.


I bless my lungs for the ability to breathe fully giving me the energy to do all that I do. I release and let go of any emotions such as sadness, loss and grief I may be carrying in my lungs that I have not yet expressed or acknowledged. I am grateful for the breath of God that breathes life into each and every cell every moment. I give thanks for the opportunity to continue to let go and trust myself more.

I bless and am grateful for the amazing job my heart does to pump the blood through my body. I thank God for the ability to feel, receive and express love, joy and compassion. I release and let go of any old feelings of hurt and forgive others and myself so that I may be more loving and joyful.

I open my heart to express more of who I am and to experience a greater expansion and spiritual awakening.

Blessing The Parts Of Your Body
That Are No Longer There
It is important to bless the parts of us that have been operated on, injured or surgically removed and are no longer there. By doing so it will help you to release and let go of any trauma, sadness, loss and emotional pain that is still in your body. It can help you to heal, accept yourself, feel whole again and live more fully in the present moment.
I bless and thank God for my life and for the parts of me that have been operated on, injured and are no longer there. I release any feelings of loss, guilt or sadness that I may have repressed. I embrace the whole of me and know that my body is miraculous and I am “perfect” just the way I am. I am grateful to be alive.


Blessing For Worry
How often does your mind go into worrying about something or someone?
This can be an unconscious pattern that may cause quite a bit of struggle and negativity in your life. Worrying does not support your quality of life or support your happiness especially when you worry about something that is not in your control. Blessing what you are worrying about and being grateful for your life; can help to change the way your mind processes the emotion of worry. It can help you to create more peace, health and harmony in your body, mind and soul by focusing on something more positive. Get in touch with what you are grateful for on a daily basis.

I bless my mind at all times and especially times of worry and doubt. I trust in God and know that all is in divine order in my life. I joyfully release all the worries over situations that I have no control and take right action with the situations that I can do something about. Each and every day I take control of my life and my thoughts. I feel empowered and am grateful for my life.


Blessing Your Ex-Partners
Whether or not you have ended your relationships in a positive way, it is good to keep your heart open and to start a new relationship from that loving place. One of the ways to do this is by blessing and forgiving your ex-partners. When you bless your ex-partners you let go of the negative emotions and hurt from the past and allow for more love, grace and joy to flow into your heart and life. Blessing your past relationships allows you to be more of who you are today in your current relationships.

I bless and forgive my past partners. I am grateful for all of my experiences and relationships as I have grown and learned so much more about myself and about love. I know that each and every relationship teaches me more about myself. I joyfully release past partners, make peace with the past and live more fully each day.


Blessing For Separation
When we separate from our partner, family and children it can be a most painful time of change for all concerned. Separation can also be a blessing as it is an opportunity to love and trust yourself on a deeper level. It can be a very powerful time of personal and spiritual growth and insights. Yes, many fears may come up for you and it is important to have faith and believe that all is unfolding for your highest good and the highest good of all your loved ones. 
I bless this time and know that it is all unfolding in divine order for the highest good of all concerned. I release my fear, doubt and uncertainty and put my trust and faith in myself and in God. I bless each and every member of my family and know we have all the support we need. I am grateful for all the love and support I have in my life. I am grateful for me!


Blessing Your Ancestors
You may not be aware of or know how much of a blessing and influence your ancestors have in your life spiritually.
The core essence of who you are today has a lot to do with your past experiences and with your ancestors. It can be easy to go through life feeling alone and needing some direction. We can call forth the energy, love and wisdom of our ancestors to support, guide and direct us anytime we are in need. You can do this through your dreams, in meditation and through this blessing.

I bless my ancestors, those who have come before me. I am grateful for the knowledge and wisdom they impart to me on so many levels unconsciously and consciously. I thank God for who I am and all the ways my ancestors have blessed my life. I know I am never alone. I am open and available to receive the love, support and wisdom they have to share with me.


Blessing And Forgiving Your Past
Do you ever spend time thinking about and reacting to things that happened in the past?
Do you carry regrets from the past with you?
When you do this you are literally bringing the past into your present reality. This can keep you from completely enjoying your life now!

Bless and forgive situations from your past so that you can experience more joy in your life now. This sometimes can feel very hard and requires a lot of practice and awareness. Be patient and keep on loving yourself through this. You cannot change what happened in the past, however you can begin to see it differently in your mind and be grateful for all that it has taught you and who you are today. This can help you to live more fully in each moment.

I bless my past for all that I have learned and experienced about myself and my life. I am grateful for the journey I have been on and know that it has brought me to where I am today. Thank you, God for giving me patience, self-love and understanding. I am grateful for all the blessings in my life and all the people who have helped me along the way. I am willing to forgive and release past painful situations and I embrace each present moment with love, joy and an open heart.


Blessing For Pain
Did you know that your body has a message for you and pain is a way to get your attention?
Your pain may need you to know something and is a signal that your body is out of balance. I believe that pain is a messenger. The more that you resist your pain, the more it will persist. Blessing your pain is an important step in allowing your body to shift, change and become more balanced. Take the time to stop, breathe deeply and tune into what your body is telling you and then you may discover what it needs.
I bless my pain and understand it is here for a specific reason and has an important message for me. I am open and willing to hear the messages that my body has for me and to take better care of myself. I am grateful to God for the opportunity that my pain gives me to know, listen and love myself more.


Blessing For Cancer
How would your life be different if you could bless your cancer and be willing to see it as a blessing, whether you are healed or not?
This can be quite challenging, especially when we are first diagnosed. So many people are experiencing a lot of pain and fear associated with having cancer. I know that I did.
What if you could see this as an opportunity to embrace your fears, ask for support, and get more in touch with your faith and inner strength?
It was quite a shock to me when I was told I had cancer and I had a hard time at first recognizing all the ways it was a blessing in my life. The blessings I experienced included an opportunity to slow down, let people be there for me and receive more love. 
For many it can be a time of receiving love and nurturing from others. If you are someone who has always been the caregiver and have had a hard time asking for help and letting yourself receive, now is your chance. People who care about you do want to be there to unconditionally love and support you.
I bless my cancer and send loving thoughts and energy into every cell of my body. I release and let go of my emotional burdens, fear, guilt, resentment and negativity that I may have repressed. I am grateful for this opportunity to surrender to Divine Spirit for love, healing, receiving from others and letting go of my need to control. I deserve to be loved and to get the help I need. I am open and grateful for it all now. I allow my mind and body to be healed and I thank God for all the grace and love that surrounds me.


Baby Naming And Baby Blessing
This is a wonderful opportunity to spiritually welcome this child into his/her family, community and into the world. It is a time to bless and recognize this divine being and child of God and to recognize his/her family. It is a special opportunity to let this child know that he/she is loved and appreciated for the loving presence that they are and to celebrate the sacredness of their name and spirit.
May this child of God be blessed with a life full of joy, love and laughter. I bless this child and know that he/she lives their soul’s purpose and makes a difference to all who he/she meets. I pray that this child always remembers the spiritual truth about who he/she is and shares his/her love and joy with others. I bless this child’s name and know that it is sacred and holy as it represents who he/she is.


Blessing For Retirement
The perceptions and beliefs that you have around this stage of life can make all the difference. This is an opportunity to let go of fear, experience new things and do what you have always wanted to do. It is never too late to start now and step out of what is comfortable and try something new. Every moment counts so discover what makes you happy and live your life to the fullest.

I bless this time of change and letting go of what I know and have been used to. I am grateful for all the new opportunities opening up to me. I am ready to experience my life with fulfillment, love and excitement. I bless and thank God for this new adventure that I am embarking upon.

Spiritual And Cultural Blessings
Because this blessing book is all about honoring all people, cultures and religions, the following are special blessings and prayers from many different cultures around the world. A majority of these cultural blessings have come from a prayer site on the internet. They did not include the author of these blessings and prayers. It was important to me to include a variety of cultural blessings as we are all children of God. There are many more beautiful cultural blessings and prayers that have not been included here and I hope you enjoy the ones that I have chosen. My vision and dream is that one day we can all live together on this beautiful planet in gratitude, peace, respect and harmony.



Sanskrit Morning Blessing

Sanskrit Salutation To The Dawn

“Listen to the salutation to the dawn, look to this day for it is life, the very life of life. In its brief course lie all the verities and realities of our existence, the bliss of growth, the splendor of beauty. For yesterday is but a dream and tomorrow is only a vision, today well spent makes every yesterday a dream of happiness and every tomorrow a vision of hope. Look well therefore to this day, such is the salutation to the dawn.”



Welsh Blessing

“Grant us, O God, your protection; and in your protection, strength; and in strength, understanding; and in understanding, knowledge; and in knowledge, the knowledge of justice; and in the knowledge of justice, the love of justice; and in that love, the love of existence; and in the love of existence, the love of God, God and all goodness, Amen.”


Copyright 2006 by Laurie Leah Levine

author: Blessings of Gratitude

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