Blessed Mother Earth - I Love and Appreciate You© by Valerie White

You are the Essence that cradles all that is within her womb; whose limitless bounty nourishes etheric frequencies; whose light absorbs limitations by lavishing bestowing unconditional love.

I don’t tell you often enough how much I love and appreciate your vibrational agreement to nurture my essence during my physical sojourn here.

You are ever so kind to all that is; in spite of the illusionary mindset that, at times, dishonors the provisions of altruistic love, joy, and wholeness of being; bestowed upon all clothed in human attire.

Please forgive me for responding with limiting ignorance, at times; towards the bountiful basket of natural remedies your womb brings to our table for human enrichment and sustenance.

Please forgive me for taking part, at times, in the unconscious, collective, ravishment upon your uplifting natural resources; all in the name of evolutionary progress, at your sacred expense.

Please forgive me for taking part in the unconscious mindset that plunges toxins and bile into the very womb of alignment with the portal that activates manifestations to appear in physical form ;

For taking part in the unconscious mindset, that at times, acts without consideration towards the after-effects that are dissipating your effervescent magnificence.

Please forgive me for forsaking, at times, the infinite grace you provide as balm to offset any reaping birthed from seeds soaked in the never ending cravings of “not enough”.

Talk is cheap…And I desire to ACT from LOVE

Blessed Mother Earth speak to the very core of my soul where I am fully present and heart-fully open…what can I truly offer in return for All that YOU are?

I love and adore YOU for cloaking our planet in such luscious continence; activating a delicious desire to adventure into the unknown, to dance and play with all that is evolving;

I love and adore YOU for the silken kisses that caress my cheeks as they simultaneously rustle leaves; and for splashing an infinite bouquet of colors upon the earthly canvas to pleasure my sight;

I love and adore YOU for stranding together the pearls of sound and stillness; a symphony of perfection that brings conscious awareness to the artful dance of thoughts becoming things;

I love and adore YOU for pouring your Glorious Essence into the most unexpected of places; for the splash of brilliant luminescence that canvases a darkened sky bursting with celebration of ever-evolving, cosmic splendor;

I love and adore YOU for providing the perfect alchemy that allows divine intelligence to flow unfettered throughout my cellular structure.

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You…Blessed Mother Earth…You are Priceless and I am honored to be a part of you through each moment of my existence here.

Valerie White, D.D. Intuitive Empath, Healing Energy Life Coach, Co-host of and Founding Facilitator of Celebrate Wholeness© teleclasses & workshops
August 20, 2009©

Tweaking Your Vibrations...Expanding Love...One Heart at A Time©

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