‎*The queen bee is to her hive
as a goddess is to her

The bee, found in Ancient Near East and Aegean cultures, was believed to be the sacred insect that bridged the natural world to the underworld. Appearing in tomb decorations, Mycenaean tholos tombs were even shaped as beehives.

Bee motifs are also seen in Mayan cultures, an example being the Ah-Muzen-Cab, the Bee God, found in Mayan ruins, likely designating honey-producing cities (who prized honey as food of the gods).

Bees have an ancient reputation as the bringers of order, and their hives served as models for organizing temples in many Mediterranean cultures. Priestesses at Cybele's temples in Asia Minor, Greece, and Rome were cal...led Melissai or Melissae, the Greek and Latin words for bees. These priestesses were often prophets or oracles who entered an ecstatic trance enduced by preparations that included ingesting honey. (The Greek word for this state of transfigured consciousness is enthusiasmos -- 'within is a god" -- the root of our word enthusiasm.)

Sacred bee-maidens with their gift of prophecy, were to be Apollo’s gift to Hermes, the god who alone could lead the souls of the dead out of life and sometimes back again. The etymology of the word ‘fate’ in Greek offers a fascinating exa...mple of how the genius of the Minoan vision entered the Greek language, often visibly, as well as informing its stories of goddesses and gods. The Greek word for ‘fate’, ‘death’ and ‘goddess of death’ is e ker (feminine); the word for’heart’ and ‘breast’ is to ker (neuter); while the word for ‘honeycomb’ is to kerion (neuter). The common root ker links the ideas fo the honeycomb, goddess, death, fate and the human heart, a nexus of meanings that is illumined if we know that the goddess was once imagined as a bee.

Bees are dying by the billions. In some cases, foraging honey bees do not return to their hive. No explanation for this mysterious unprecedented behaviour can be given by the experts. Other deaths are caused by misguided practices of the dominant patriarchy that likes to kill insects and destroy the environment where bees naturally find the flower blossoms. Some reports say that deaths of wild bees is even greater than decline of the honey bees. The crisis is global. Without the pollination of blossoms by bees, we will no longer have fruits, nuts, and many kinds of vegetables. As Einstein observed, "You can't solve a problem with the same thinking that created it." He also observed that without the bees, mankind would starve in four years. We are now invoking the Bee Goddess to prevent a total extinction of the bee species on Mother Earth.

Ode to the Honeybee

Holy ancestress, creatrix of this epoch

Of flower and seed
Are your matriarchal families in danger of disappearing because

We do not believe,

Like the fairies in Peter Pan?

I clap my sad hands always and forever

In my heart and in my mind.

Great builder of the temple at Delphi

Whose tiny mystery-filled body forms the

Precious molding substance for your

Six-sided tessellated bowls

From what far away long ago star did you learn

The blessed wisdom of your constructions

Studied by the ancients?

Numinous one

Icon of ancient Lower Egypt

Emmisary of the Mayan Sun-star

Is that which is fading in my land

Lost in me as well?

The voice of the Goddess, the Mellisae

The vibrating, shapeshifting sound of Creation

That conviviality, that nurturing Queendom

The vibrating lemniscate dance, the

Tail-wagging message, that

Wing-beating drum

That supports all life on the planet.

Bring these sacred threads back, I pray

We’ve broken Odin’s mead-circle and

Raised a curse

Forgotten that Zeus was raised on honey and

You alone concoct the nectar of the gods

The flower graced food that alone exacts no living sacrifice but

Your own.

I wish for you a golden house in every forest and field

A knowing temple

In every beholden human heart.

Universal Love Peace and Busy BEE

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Comment by Alexa on September 9, 2010 at 10:01am
Paul, I love bees! Ode to the bee. Your poem is just incredible.

oh that we would all honor the bees as described here in the ancient ways. Fascinating and insightful. What poignant insights as to the teachers they could be (and are), with their high organizational systems and their global pollinization power. Very enlightening. And prayers for their survival. And honor.

Ode to the bees. Their honeycombs are also a matrix of sacred geometry. Wonderful photos.

again... thanks, Paul.

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