Lately there is no doubt that people today are getting spiritual conscious at a much greater degree than before. Most of them, me include, have accomplish this after learning to love and accept ourselves and then immediately we find ourselves loving others as we love ourselves. There is something wonderful all around us. It is like having the intuition that soon something amazing will take place in our planet, so a couple of questions arise from this pleasant feeling: “How do I get in touch with my true self?” “What kind of daily steps should I take in order to be able to find the right ways for the enhancement of my eternal wise spiritual being?”The golden key that opens the gates to our spirituality is in the core of our loving heart. It is a special key that illuminates our minds beautifully.  

Well, I can gladly share with you some of my humble mystical experiences on this spiritual urgency. Allow me please to offer some useful techniques regarding the above. Spiritual abilities and mental skills arise from a co-operation between the practical knowledge gained by our long spiritual mystic journey and our current mental processes. This set of tools will significantly improve all aspects of our spiritual and mental-emotional performance by allowing every single of our soul’s attribute to fully bloom removing by using dynamic and accurate visualizations during our meditation periods.

Mystics throughout ages have used their own sacred voices to invoke such beautiful spiritual attributes, so now with our modern technology we can improve those ancient, but always effective formulas to posses a reliable auditory file. It was after three years teaching English that I was aware that what really mattered for my students was to have reliable audiotapes using their own voices and not the perfect pitched voices of speech experts speaking English. At that time I had been immersed dealing with some mental yoga exercises for over twenty years, so soon enough to me the picture was crystal clear. Every student needed to have audio files containing their own voices. My discoveries showed me that it is our brains that filter all the data gathered during a whole day. What had free access to a special brain area was everything related to the sentences uttered by us, the rest was waiting in a special space until a green light was turned on.

Please let me use a very practical example of someone who used successfully this method. Please let me mention the late Bruce Lee. In order to imitate his speed and accuracy I used some shaman’s tips to be in his shoes and understand his fighting techniques. At that time there was a martial arts famous magazine named BLACK BELT. In one of its articles was mentioned how he did to achieve his goals. Looking at himself in a mirror and visualizing himself as been the best martial artist ever. As an oriental he used his moon sign plus the moon in Pisces to succeed fully in every one of his endeavors. He was indeed an ancient soul, so he soon was able to accomplish his dreams.

I’ve always been at your service, so I depend on your questions to give you much more, so always feel free to ask.


 an ex-martial artist who became your happy candy man.


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