Bach Flower Remedies for Emotional Wellness

Bach Flower Remedies for Emotions, Moods and Behavior -

How Bach Flower Remedies can help every member of the the family through their moods, fears, stress, tantrums, nervous habits, grief, sensitivity, despair, overwhelm and much more....

With so much cosmic flaring, change and processing in the air, This is a great time (though anytime is) to stock up on your favorite Bach Flower Remedies. Perfect supports and tinctures for the highly sensitive and empathic or yogini soul,these gentle remedies speak strongly yet gently (effectively) to our delicate human/cellular superhighways, nervous systems, emotional natures and overall energetic states.

You can look up the mood-specific indication for yourself or a loved one (your dog perhaps) on site or where you purchase your local remedies (Whole Foods and VitaminShoppe are great); and you can even purchase a mix-your-own brown tincture bottle to mix up to 4 or 5 needed remedies to make your own special soothing healing blend (see directions enclosed in the box).

Take your remedies in water, up to 4 times a day, and feel sensitivities and cosmic/global overhwhelm calm and balance.

I find the individual Flower Remedies much more effective than the popular single Rescue Remedy, though many like it, as I can tailor the vibration to my own specific needs and issues at hand.

They are ultra wonderful and super safe for children and our beloved 4-legged family members as well.. especially the highly sensitive ones!

Much love

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