I have a vision that me and all my friends make it to the awakening. Things become different. The world has become more accepting and equal. In this new age Aquarius, everyone is free to be the sexual orientation they are. Ones color of skin does not matter. Different abilities are accepted. We all develop many abilities that are early Lumarian ancestors had. We are able to talk to each other through our thoughts. We are developing empathy and the ability to see auras plus many more abilities that are hard to put into words. We are able to see and feel things with higher level thinking. All of us have found and learned how to use are third eye. We all walk around with crystals around are neck again. This helps with that internal power within. We are all able to see and talk with the people we love that have passed on. Some of us have already developed some of these gifts, but in the time of the awakening starting in 2010. Turning into the great awakening in 2012 and 2013 we will start developing all of the abilities. Ones you can’t imagine. We will have to learn to use these abilities for good. These special abilities mean a close connection with each our Creator and each other. We all learn to live longer naturally. Living way beyond 100 will be common. We will not need to take medicine anymore because we will have abilities to heal ourselves as well as others. This time seams wonderful. It is starting to happen right now. People are starting to awake. We are starting become more aware, and accepting toward each other. We need to help others to see this positive change of awakening. We need to help them discover these gifts. Our world is already starting to move in this higher dimension as we speak. It is not always conscious. But, the ones who have started awakening these sensitivities have already started to feel this raise of consciousness.
BY: D. Elizabeth Mensinger Age 33 July 1, 2009

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