Authenticity and Compassion in Shifting Times

“An authentic life is the most personal form of worship. Everyday life has become my prayer.”
Sarah Ban Breathnach

As I move through another day in my own healing and awakening process I must confess I am feeling rather ornary. It feels like I am bursting at the seams, literally!, and feeling as fiery and impatient as ever. (OK, so I am a Leo with Aries rising, a regularly empassioned person, both in my light and my rants.) However, with all of the shifting both internally and globally - being felt by many of here, for certain - I am feeling an extra dose of "I want it and I want it NOW!" and I thought I'd take a moment to share.

I have been feeling impatient with myself, life, my healing process, and surely with some of those supportive healers and even friends whom I have asked to assist me at this time. As I simultaneously watch the upheavals happening here in the US over health care reform, I am also apt to fall prey to pointing the finger at those acting out, when I myself am acting out as well in my own health and healing situation.

As the US tries to come up with a new model of health care that will serve the whole, without falling into becoming a governement-controlled/dictated system, but without leaving millions of people behind when it comes to having access and services in an area as important as medical care, I am stuck by the energy I am feeling both as a witness to what is happening in the world, and a person who is healing today.

This was something that came across my desk today that helped me to re-group myself, and focus back to a higher emotional perspective. My own feelings of helplessness within my physical healing process can get easily triggered right now, and so too am I gratefully reminded to have compassion with everything I see and feel. We may be feeling alot of conflict within ourselves and/or with others at this momentously shifting time; and I found this particularly helpful with dealing with others and conflict at this time.

The Strength of Compassion
Coming at Conflict with an Open Heart
by DailyOm

Conflict is an unavoidable part of our lives because our beliefs and modes of being often contrast powerfully with those of our loved ones, acquaintances, and associates. Yet for all the grief disagreements can cause, we can learn much from them. The manner in which we handle ourselves when confronted with anger or argument demonstrates our overall level of patience and the quality of our energetic states. To resolve conflict, no matter how exasperating the disagreement at hand, we should approach our adversary with an open heart laden with compassion. Judgments and blame must be cast aside and replaced with mutual respect. Conflict is frequently motivated by unspoken needs that are masked by confrontational attitudes or aggressive behavior. When we come at conflict with love and acceptance in our hearts, we empower ourselves to discover a means to attaining collective resolution.

The key to finding the wisdom concealed in conflict is to ask yourself why you clash with a particular person or situation. Your inner self or the universe may be trying to point you to a specific life lesson, so try to keep your ears and eyes open. Once you have explored the internal and external roots of your disagreement, make a conscious effort to release any anger or resentment you feel. As you do so, the energy between you and your adversary with change perceptibly, even if they are still operating from a more limited energy state. Consider that each of you likely has compelling reasons for thinking and feeling as you do, and accept that you have no power to change your adversary’s mind. This can help you approach your disagreement rationally, with a steady voice and a willingness to compromise.

If you listen thoughtfully and with an empathetic ear during conflict, you can transform clashes into opportunities to compromise. Examine your thoughts and feelings carefully. You may discover stubbornness within yourself that is causing resistance or that you are unwittingly feeding yourself negative messages about your adversary. As your part in disagreements becomes gradually more clear, each new conflict becomes another chance to further hone your empathy, compassion, and tolerance.


and, I might add, to hone our empathy, compassion, and tolerance... with ourselves.

peace and namaste

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Comment by Alexa on August 12, 2009 at 9:36am
no, no. no mention of bill clinton, please!


thanks, maria :)
Comment by Maria on August 11, 2009 at 11:31am
This is a really wise message. I have a post-it on my computer which says 'Everyone we meet is our Teacher'. I know this to be true.

Let's not ask Hilary Clinton what her Husband's views are on anything as we go through these conflicting times :-)

Have a wonderful week across the pond.

Sending a big Namaste right back at you.

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May we and all beings be completely healed

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