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Children of the Sun Humanitarian Foundation Presents...  

The Rite of Divine Intuition 








The Rite of Divine Intuition  


As a result of our foundational work initiated through the first four Rites, we now begin our passage into another field of consciousness in which a new phenomenal world is gradually perceived.

This field of expanded awareness, often termed the Divine Reality, can finally be perceived through the transparent nature of the transfigured personality.

This Rites is, in essence, a catalyst sparking our collective actualization of the crucial faculty of Divine Intuition. This is truly a momentous turning point in our evolution, advancing now as an illumined group intellect. It is the first real sign that the unification process has begun.

The ultimate truths of our universe are grasped through the light of Divine Intuition. With the clarity of our inner vision restored, we come to remember our intrinsic nature as immortal children of God. 



5. The Rite of Intuition

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