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The attainment of Cosmic Consciousness cannot be programmed. It just suddenly occurs, but there must have been many hours spent invoking it. A lot of time spent in deep medirtations.

During ages a lot of writers have glorified this human beautiful and peaceful experience. Why have these well intentioned writers failed in their endeavor? It has been mainly because they didn’t provider the reader with a technique. The student who strives for Cosmic Consciousness and also the evolution of his personality without adequate preparation and a precise technique is lost in a world of objective thinking and a world of idealism to which he has no guide. I have decided to do something useful about this.


  Numerous books have never educated man as an embodied ideal. I dedicated twenty years to teach English as a second language to middle aged people. Since I stared I promised myself to improve my teaching skills to help these students get their goals gave me the necessary tools to succeed in finding first and then applying an organized technique. 

  I learned that the human mind has a limit of information that can be easily integrated in our mental structure. Using the principle of the triple repetition using a four second pause during a whole week and with some soft background music and besides using at least four different approaches allowing a seven day interval made me a famous teacher. 

Our Cosmic Consciousness is the awakening of the Divine Consciousness in every single cell of our body. These cells have to do with the capacity of creating nervous energy to strengthen the power of our thoughts. Our thoughts possessing this high energy would be responsible for creating our new reality.

  Here is a good moment to talk about the different functions of the cells from our bodies and also the wonderful harmonious functions of our organs. And more importantly the divine function of our glands. These glands which have an internal secretions not only release hormones, but also the vital life force in found in oxygen. This vital force cannot be detected in a laboratory because it has a high vibration rate.

  It has been for centuries that man has accomplished a lot. By relaxing his mind and body and then by falling into deep mediation allows to be opened the channels of descendant high energies to enter these cells. Step by step we start to bring a divinity quality to our physical bodies. Our spiritual cells also called our psychic cells begin the process of reinforcing our integral being. This is when we are ready to receive the powerful light from the Cosmic. So, at the proper time occurs, like a new light bulb, an illumination of every single cell in us. It is when at last, for a few seconds we are aware of our immortality, of our divinity and the temporal life in our current bodies. Everything now makes sense. We understand Nature, God and our selves. It is like the sound “PLOP” when we try to match to different pieces into one unit. We understand human suffering, wars, and catastrophes. Every thing now makes perfect sense.

  But this is not only my humble contribution is everybody’s. So, please help me on this.





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Comment by Jane Jones on November 20, 2011 at 10:12pm

The idea of a transmutation from being conscious to cosmic via the divinity consciousness happens when our thoughts match our spiritual intent into to push out the reality we are in, thus the plop noise also heard in the three sacred spheres when travelling into one's sacred place. It is reminding me of a birthing process, but this one is of a spiritual nature. An integration of all levels of being into the divine consciousness or at least part of the divine that part or whole of the divine or Christ Consciousness? Do we completely unify and then leave the duality behind forever once the level of attainment of being is met? is an online global community creating personal freedom and conscious wellbeing for ourselves and our world



 May we be at peace
May our hearts stay open
May we remember the light of our own true nature
May we and all beings be completely healed

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