From: Nancy Anderson
Date: 5/13/2010 11:24:28 AM
To: A = Z


The New Moon is Thursday the 13th at 9:04 PM EDT.
Hi Friends and Clients, as you look outside you'll notice it's very dark and that means a NEW MOON, the news that is from this New Moon will move you closer to a feeling of being grounded and heading towards less distractions that has been circling around you thriving and pulsing many mood swings..

Taurus New Moon, time to go inward and allow your life to be transformed. This New Moon in earthy Taurus can awaken the "Earth Warrior" in this life-death struggle to create a society that chooses the former. You can begin by honoring your Spirit and letting your heart lead the way.

Mercury, Stationed Direct on (May 11)

What's stuck begins to become unstuck as Mercury goes direct.

Taurus the Fixed sign shows, What's Really Happening for all.
A key is given to the Planet now in this year of 2010, that is only needing your acceptance to thrive in these times, 'SEEING' what's really happening -- using your 5 senses to melt away the inter conflict of the ways of the world and set boundaries of what you are needing to stay in touch with, and I believe it is your own spirituality, It is time for higher help for future.

Nancy Anderson
Astrological Consultant.

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Comment by Marianne on May 14, 2010 at 9:47am
Hi Nancy:

Could you please explain 'Mercury in retrograde' to me/us? When is it; why does it affect mechanical things and how do we prepare for it?

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