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New Moon in Leo (August 6, 2013) - Astrologer Bill Attride
The Mirror of your Heart and Soul has turned as your Sun sets there is only Mystery and Darkness, and you must wonder, you must wait and hold your breath...

Seeking an answer, you lift your head up and gaze out upon those starry expanses, those spaces of Space so illumined now by Luna's monthly absence, and you wonder as you look upon what the dark reveals... for there it is, what surrounds you, (and what you are made of), is a magisterial, wondrously beautiful and Infinite Realm of Light.

Still, you are waiting and awaiting what now will come...from that last flash of dusky light until first blush of dawn... waiting, waiting for the New Day, for a Renewal, for your Faith restored.

Today the Moon receives the gift of your Star, as the Sun kisses the Moon he bestows a new Message that Luna will bear... she will wing her way to those outer bounds beyond the Earth, waxing towards her revelation as she makes her way once again... She will be dancing for you, singing her song of Spirit, bearing wondrous gifts... Luna brings the Gift of the Spirit, so that you might better ponder and hold to your own journey, which is for you but one mighty task: To know yourself truly, to become what you will Grow.

Twelve Lessons of Life, each integral to one another, this is the Light-Song of Spirit, your spiral journey through the Stars, filled with countless variations of octave, tempo and truth...All must be met and mastered, for all together depend upon each to make you whole and make whole this Creation too, all sparks being self-illumined and unique, yet held together in One Great Song.

The Gift of Leo is to remind you that you are a Divine Being...
That you are on a wondrous journey of self-discovery and self-becoming...
And you are here to reveal, release and express your love...
As a Dreaming Maker, an Illumined Creator...
Loving yourself and one another too. 


July 26 - Aug 12

by Marla Kayla


Happy New Moon beloveds! We are standing in the midst of The Lion's Gateway (July 26 - August 12) and August 8 is the energetic peak of this alignment. The Lion's Gateway "is a two-week portal with extreme waves of Light that will activate the coding within your DNA to the next level." We are also in the center point between two extraordinary Planetary Merkabah Stargates (July 29 & August 25-26). The Planetary Merkabahs are "powerfully supporting us to anchor our soul self, our soul light, into our physical body here on Earth."

The New Moon is a very potent time to plant the seeds of what you wish to create in the world around you. Use the energy of the Galactic Alignments to call in divine support to help you manifest the world of your dreams right here and right now. Intend that the waves of energy coming onto the planet right now will awaken your divine purpose by supporting, uplifting and helping you on all levels.

Spend some time over the next few days really connecting with the New Moon energy within this extraordinary Galactic Stargate Portal. Visualize yourself standing inside this portal of light, completely open to receive this cosmic gift on all levels. Let this powerful wave of energy help raise your vibration! Let yourself shine as bright as the sun. Feel yourself expanding and connecting with all life around you. Open your heart to merge with this high vibrational energy. Breathe it in. Open and receive.

You are ONE with all life. You are radiant. You are unconditional LOVE.

We are much more powerful than we realize. We are the ones we have been waiting for! The time is now! Follow your heart! Be in Joy! Be in Love! Be in Peace. Happy New Moon beloveds!

~ All my LOVE, Marla

and an added bonus to assist you during this exciting and rambunctious time:


Consciously create the space in your life for peace. Trust in the stillness of your spirit and your soul and allow it to guide you <3 #GoodEnergy

Consciously create the space in your life for peace. Trust in the stillness of your spirit and your soul and allow it to guide you.

Panache Desai


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