Ask Awakened Journey: How to transform fear into something more peaceful and positive

Today's topic: Transforming Fear
Dear Awakened Journey, 
What is your best advice for overcoming fear? - signed, Piscean Girl
Dear Piscean,
There are many wonderful practices that can help us rewire and transform our tendency to worry and feel afraid. Of course the deeper our wounding or life traumas the more tender circuitry some people have to heal and work with. But in any case it's helpful to keep in mind that all people, with our survival instinct intact and the many challenges we face throughout our lives, are in fact challenged with the task of resolving and even managing our fear.
Like all emotions fear comes from thoughts and energy and sometimes has wise and caring messages for us as well. So let's first also learn to honor and hold it, gently and respectfully as we embrace and dissolve its denser hold. The more we allow our fears to have space and acceptance, the more able we then become to also shift and transform them with love. And to heed their sometimes loving purpose, which is really to keep us safe and well. 
Additionally, like my Teacher used to say, it's good to remember that (all) practices will be easier when our bodies or things are flowing well, and more difficult when we are sick or in a challenging circumstance. So if you also have alot on your plate at any time, and as always, be gentle and compassionate with yourself as you both sit with and rewire your ability to move out from fear and into greater self love. You will be learning not only how to stop feeling so afraid, but also how to accept that fear is also a natural part of life and can be met with ease and grace and acceptance and moved through us easily like any other emotion.
But overall - the best practice I can share with you today is one of  the simplest and also my favorites. You may already know it, it is called 'Feeding the Good Wolf.' This is a great teaching for rewiring our fear-based thinking back to love. It's really all about changing our focus. 
Here is a simple story and parable that is a really good place to begin - or re-begin - to shift out of fear today... it's called: Feed The Good Wolf.


Enjoy. and 
Lots of love.

The Legend:
There are 2 wolves inside each of us that battle all the time.
One wolf is Bad - full of fear and negativity. this wolf is cruel and a liar, filled with hate, anger and resentments. he is jealous, greedy, arrogant and selfish. he causes pain and destruction in the world. and he is afraid.
One wolf is Good - full of faith and positive outlook. she is honest and lives in compassion and love. she is patient, lives humbly and brings peace joy and goodness into the world. She holds consciousness, awareness, and is both wise and peaceful. and playful too. 

In this battle, one wolf will eventually win.

which wolf will that be?

The answer is ....

The one you feed.
Keep feeding the good wolf. 

Biggest blessings and hugs. 

~ ~ ~

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