Well there’s one for you, what’s it all about ?, well we have been told its all to do with being one with god, in Christ case he ascended into heaven. Now I have been told that we all go to heaven, even the bad people go to heaven so why so much fuss about ascension to my way of thinking it should be a walk in the park. I have been involved in the spiritualist movement for a good many years now so I have taken on some off the teachings to come from the movement. One teaching I have taken on is to do with what happens to us when we go back to spirit, we get greeted by our love ones, this is one thing some people do question, what if you have been marred more than once?, in my case 4 times, which partner would meet me?, You may have loved them all in there own time, and love never dies, so do they all meet you?, I would think so but as time doesn’t matter in spirit it would be a little different than what people can imagine, after all you are now dead so where you got to go?. When I go over I will get to catch up with ex lovers depending on weather they were dead or not. No that’s wrong they are never ex lovers as love never dies it just moves to different part of are soul. As I understand it we go to what I am lead to believe is called the halls of healing, this is the place all souls go to to heal and lay down all the heart and pain we have put are self’s through well on earth, this is also the place we meet up with all the people we have worked with, lived with and loved, its one big party even our enemies we had on earth are now our friends, this is a bit of a shocker for some as they have had the same enemies for years, even religious differences are settled as there is no religion, a strange thought as most people believe you only go to heaven through religion. Once we have done that we move up the ladder to the next plane, I am told and lead to believe there are nine planes in total and when we reach the last plain we go into heaven. The way I understand it is not every one get to the last plane they make the conscious decision to reincarnate, this then brings them back to earth with a bang and they start going through the same trials’ and tribulations that the have already been through. Some don’t even do this they stay in the spirit plane and guide us back on the earth plane, they are the ones that give messages of love to the world, not all these messages make since to me as sometimes they contradict each other, so as not to leave you confused about which ones you should believe and which ones not to believe, I will say that they are alright it just means that the information you are being given come from another time line and was right at the time it was sent. Now if you are one of the lucky ones to get to heaven then it doesn’t end there, you still get the choice to come back to earth, this is then part of a divine mission if you like to bring people to god and heaven, so if you no you have lived hear before in another time you may well be one of the chosen ones working for god, this I suppose would make you an avatar as you have come back. But as an avatar dose that mean you have reached the dizzy heights of heaven or are you still an avatar if you never reached heaven but just came back from spirit, I leave that one for you to ponder, anyway I don’t think it really matters as we will all reach heaven in the end when we have all done what we have to do. I will add heaven is a wonderful place I have been there and will go back one day, if only to get new orders from god and find out if I have done some things wrong and need to do them again. Anyway ascension is the big chance for all souls to complete the cycle and get to heaven, but remember if you don’t get there this time you will the next time. As for me like others we will be back to call all the children of the earth back home to god, until then enjoy your self’s and feel gods love.

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Comment by stefan antal on July 3, 2009 at 6:13pm
unfortunately when i was a child i was told never talk about polotices or religune, thank god those days are over. i do think the word god is used in the spiritalist churches more these day it depends on the people running them, like most churches there are so many branches and organisation it dose get a bit hard to no witch one to follow. the biggest the s n u do not allow crosses to be hung in there churches, and with most religones not reconising that we are all praying to the same god it dose get confusing, peraps i should right my next blog on the subject. one church in the town i am liveing is run by a ex baptise minister so god get mentioned a lot. thank you for your coment, stefan
Comment by Maria on July 3, 2009 at 9:29am
Some lovely thoughts Stefan. I went to the spiritualist church in the mid 90's and one of the things missing for me was that the word God was never mentioned. I guess I was searching for God back then and I'm glad you mentioned God in your post.

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