Art of Surrender Series - Pt. IV Conclusion and Celebration

I have to report that since I began this series a mere 18 days ago - and did the practice myself - my husband found a new dream job, I heard from my mom (very unusual), AND ... we just sold our old house in New Mexico!! (signed the contract today). We are feeling truly excited and blessed. and we are Celebrating!!

I am feeling humbled excited and grateful for these momentous events, particularly as I had surrendered all of this a mere 18 days ago. And wrote about the process.

Thank you Spirit for your love and your magic. Thank you humbly and from my heart. 

I have also learned to deepen with my own surrender practice, experienced what works for me, and re-kindled a feeling of being Divinely held, heard and connected to our benevolent and ever present over-seeing Source. Thank you god/goddess// All That Is

shared in love joy and namaste

... and thank you also to our wonderful realtor, Richard.

Feeling many waves of gratitude. 

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Comment by Alexa on April 17, 2010 at 3:59pm
thank you marianne!

and sorry I haven't been around commenting on blogs that much, but truly, have been enjoying yours. (been caught up with all that's been going on here this week!) but thank you much for the happy dance! love and smiles xo !!
Comment by Marianne on April 17, 2010 at 3:23pm
Terrific news, Alexa!!


Comment by Alexa on April 17, 2010 at 1:58pm
and really, I am feeling so humbled and in awe in writing this. truely. I only set out to learn and practice surrender, not "wanting" nor expecting anything other than peace.

Are these happenings coincidence? divine timing that came through all at once? I cannot say. But I can say this,

practicing surrender to me means "turning it over to God." period. and without expectations. Just turning over the worry, the guilt, the shame, the "whatever it is." The feelings we don't want to have.

I found myself singing the surrender song, my own version of it, like a shaman singing into a golden lake of light. and you know what, it brings me peace. and connection. and back again to Source.

I have not felt this connected to Source in a very very long time.

And you know what, it is hard to speak of because it is so deep and dear. But I wanted to share. Because that is part of the journey too.

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