April’s Movement into Love

One of favorite flower and art combos at the museum. So rich and bright, like our hearts!

April has arrived with much inner movement, soon to be reflected in the outer world. The Christ consciousness has anchored on the planet in many hearts and it is stirring things up. We are being asked to step out of our comfort zones and reclaim our knowing that home truly is in the heart. Just as we have been encouraged by the system to stay in one place and fill it full of material goods to placate and numb us, we have been encouraged to stay in beliefs and mind sets that kept us on the straight and narrow path. Deviation has been frowned upon as once you do make a break from the noose of society’s dictates, you become a free being. You realize how the system has been a set up to benefit a few and to enslave the masses. This is about to be blown open on a mass scale. The love, that has rained down this Easter weekend, is explosive in its power.

Change is our nature, reflected to us in the natural world about us. Nature responds and adapts to all that is around it, showing us that flow is what is important, not control nor rigidness. What is true for me today, may not be tomorrow. I have to be open to life’s beauty and allow it to call forth more from within me. My practice for this month has been to more fully allow my divinity to drive this vessel. Imagine no longer thinking about what food to eat or how to exercise your body……call on your team and higher self to inspire  you to take the actions your body desires. Our bodies are elemental beings who work with us, they were never meant to be something programmed by someone else’s set of beliefs as to what is right. Only you can know that and if you open yourself, you will find that it will clearly show you what feels good. We have been indoctrinated that if it feels good, it is suspect. Life has to be hard, doesn’t it? No pain, no gain has been preached to us until we have swallowed this belief. Hasn’t this become apparent with all the conflicting information about what is good for you? Yesterday it harmed you, today it is the thing to buy. Can’t you feel the manipulation within the food/vitamin/ exercise industry? There is no one size fits all. There is only you and your body and the relationship which you nurture. Try it, turn it over and see how you are guided. This is true for our minds and spirits as well.

My luminous self,

swathed in pink jasmine vines,

can’t you feel it

I have allowed my divinity to drive my mind, my spirit as well as my body. I let all of my team, my angels and guides as well as my I AM presence, take command by aligning me with my divine plan as well as the divine plan for my mother earth. They are delighted to have the opportunity to guide my way and can do so from a higher perspective, knowing much that is unclear to me. My job is to ask for their assistance, surrender to the guidance given and trust all will be well as I act on that guidance. It is so simple. Ask, surrender, act, trust. I can imagine that soon we will laugh at ever having had to “figure things out” with our minds. So much wasted energy! We are evolving into heart based beings, allowing our hearts to lead in all ways. It is such a relief! I feel so free in this newness. I realize that I am really good at this! How fun. It is our natural way of being, responding to the energies around us and flowing. Energy was never meant to be stopped up in the dam of our hearts or bodies. That is what has caused disease and pain. When we feel our feelings fully in the moment that they arrive, there is only flow. I may feel sadness and shed tears but once shed, they are gone. The pain does not linger like it once did, where I recycled it in my mind over and over, leading to feelings of despair. I can sob for a minute and be done with an emotion that I might have relived for days before. Oh, how funny that we would work to feed the pain! But I did just that, for years and years. What a prison my mind was. I kept my heart in lockdown mode, believing that kept me protected but it simply kept me from the love that I am.

I am glowing like this beautiful tree, soaking up the love of the sun.

April is blasting open our old belief systems and bringing a breath of fresh, spring air. How wonderful this is, I can breathe deeply of the love that permeates everything. I am free to love everything and everyone. I accept all that comes my way, no longer judging it as good or bad. I live it freely, knowing my higher self has the reins and would not lead me astray. I trust implicitly this path of awakening and the return to love. There is no other path, no other carrot for me as I fall more deeply in love with the being that I am and delight in the way my flame dances in this world. The miracle is that the more I love me, the more I love everyone! We live in a win-win universe and we are bringing that knowing to this earth once again as we co-create heaven on earth. It begins in my heart and yours. Fan the flames of love today and watch as your world is transformed. Let go the reins, sit back and enjoy the ride. It is about to get truly magical!



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