To any human being with the drive to become a better person and specifically to the serious student of occult literature this formula has been paraphrased into a great number of other formulas. It is when we succeed in the attainment of self-knowledge when our actions demonstrate our high degree of impersonality. From each one of the occult classics we discover a secret doctrine.  This doctrine is impersonality. It is until impersonality becomes a key factor in our practical mystical life when we demonstrate to ourselves this eternal truth.  It is after spending a long cycle of learning spiritual facts, in most cases, when we experience a certain degree of impersonality.


All the above makes us to devote ourselves seriously to the task of self-discipline. Self-discipline is the corner stoned where our life should be based on.

I consider, here and now appropriate to share with you all my experiences regarding this fascinating theme. As a high school student everything had indicated my strong affinity with Chemistry, so my parents had already made plans for me regarding this. At thirteen I had to work full time for an aunt and uncle who would later be sent   to another city where there was a the best University for this career. This family had the means for this, but it suffered a car accident and the plans were no more, so my father decided to move to Monterrey to study a technical career and alter on I could get a university degree as I would work part time and study. As we moved; a seven member family there were a series of misfortunes which I won’t mention now, but I had to quit my studies and work to help my father support this family.

First our mother past away; she got sick at forty four years of age and in two weeks she died, then five years later my father died from a severe brain stroke. He was fifty one years old. Being the eldest I had to make a good living to support my brothers and sisters, so working as a waiter in a dinning room from a five star hotel was the answer. There I was able to earn seven times the minim wage; tips plus the minim wage the hotel paid me. You may wonder the reason I am telling you this. It isn’t for self-pity at all! It is to set an example of what life’s lessons force us to grow. I confess that at the beginning I hated being a waiter, but it was only the first year. From the next year on I did enjoy my sacred job. I was indeed very lucky to always have had the loving support of my wife. Without her I am sure not even a third would have been accomplished. GRACIAS ARCELIA! TE AMO!

We’ve been married for forty six years and knowing each other for forty eight.

Ezequiel Rodriguez Saldívar



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