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People, events, words, inspiration - all these have been put in my path recently. After events got on top of me and I allowed the emotions to take over - I had a realisation. A wonderful friend in the US sent me an email, in replying it opened up a realisation about grief. I have taken another step forward in healing. My own awakening spirituality is moving forward, my impatience had stopped it, rather than just being quiet with myself and just 'being' I had tried to force things, to rush them, not stopping to smell the roses. Trying to take giant steps instead of baby ones. I need to rest and relax both body and soul. I now know its okay to grieve for a future that is not to be, will never be and I can let that grief go now. I have a new future now. The future for me is the next moment, and the next moment after that and so on. I am wiser now than when I first started to write this blog, I am wiser than I was 30 mins ago when I replied to my friends email. I have opened up my mind to the possibilities of what can be.

Blessing to all


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