It is amazing how we, human beings enjoy our daily discoveries. We have been Spiritual companions on our path.

The more we know about our two worlds; physical and spiritual the more fantastic resemblances we find out on a daily basis. What works in one of these worlds usually works in the other one. As I write these sentences my inner voice suggests me to add some of my eternal divine essence to each word and also between the lines of this writing. This contribution will be useful and developing your psychic properties just by receiving messages coming from my soul. A long time ago I experience an insight: every human being on this world and also in the spiritual world is permanently connected to each other. This connection is very sacred and useful. Our thoughts indeed have wings. These wings transport our wishes into the cosmic world and from the cosmic world, when the proper technique is applied, are eventually crystallized in our physical world.


 This is the main reason to add our spiritual essence to every single thought, word and action in our lives. This essence helps us to channel correctly these creations.


To strengthen our mental-spiritual connections is my main goal for this New Year. I realize that I need your kind help to accomplish this goal. I beg you to cooperate with me in this objective. Another spiritual conviction is that we are understood openly and easily by those souls who share with us our spiritual plane, so if you have felt that between you and I there is a strong and harmonious affinity let’s take full advantage of this cosmic gift. Please, as soon as you finish reading this contribution close your eyes for a couple of minutes and do your best “to feel” this divine connection. Then read this article again, but now stop for some seconds as you receive the hidden divine message between ach of these loving lines.


It is time to use the cosmic name of ZANONNI. I am fully aware that there are other human beings with you whom you feel a strong affinity with, so I invite you to practice this sacred spiritual exercise in order to be ready to benefit from it. I sense that there are many more spiritual sensitive people like myself. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to confirm this? By the way, between each line there are colors, shapes, sounds and something else. Please allow me to know your results.



Principio del formulario


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 May we be at peace
May our hearts stay open
May we remember the light of our own true nature
May we and all beings be completely healed

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