Well, my sister and her hubby are back home in Philadelphia. We had a really special visit, laid back and real, and just what the doctor ordered, so to speak. I never did get the "christmas" feeling this year. And that is ok too. Although the dinner I made on xmas day was super delicious, and I'm glad it came out special too. All of it was just right.

I am so grateful my sister was here and am celebrating where I am today after so many years of hard inner work. I feel amazing. To really enjoy being together with her and no "stuff." No triggers, no judgements, just allowing, we are who we are, and everyone was embraced and could just be where they are. It was easy and true. (and I felt some boddhichitta during it all, still am.) Consciousness. Only love. Hm.

My computer is a bit buggy today. Running slow, here and there, ... ??? So am going to keep this one short. But I also want to express my gratitide for the heartfelt blogs shared here today. I still am feeling my own challenges with my health. And that part is not so easy. I so want to feel physically well so I can enjoy the emotional freedom I have worked so hard to attain. It will come. But I am physical being also. And the new year for me will be focusing on the physical level.

In any case, I am honoring everyone who is authentically dealing (and healing) their challenges today. Sharing our feelings. Expressing, releasing. Being real. And celebrating their "now" as well. So honored to be among you!

love and namaste

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