A Time for Shamanic Rebirth - and honoring your needs

Spring Awakening: Are you feeling the budding of your Spring Rebirth?

The potential right now to open steadily stronger into the world again as your authentic self, to more fully embody who you truly are in being, action, essence, strength, softness, boldness and core spirit, is mighty. These are the movements and continued stirrings budding from the rest-and-deep-digest of a long deep potent and profitable winter season.

As the Feminine continues to rise and the seasons transition and open toward Spring, the depths may be asking you to maintain quality time alone for awhile - deliciously - in your practice and in new budding activity, in journalling quietly at home and  in spending time out in nature, and in your form of art and personal expression or sacred creativity, where you may find yourself being called most strongly of all, as we begin to ready and reach out more actively again into the world of cocreation. 

So honor any callings you feel ~ to rest, play, dance, laugh, create, cry and release, or simply listen to your breath for hours while sitting on the earth or at home, no matter what the world may say or how it may try to pull you away next to something less important than this very thing. I have a feeling that deep and dedicated rest will be key especially for many women at this time.  Are you prepared to be radical enough to be fully responsive to that? 

Listen to your callings and individual rhythms and way and emerge only when you know it is time for you. Give yourself the delicious gift that only you can give yourself ... to reach deeper, respond deeper, resonate deeper, breathe deeper, listen and hear deeper, to Be and create and give and receive love, and to live deeper ... more deeply and openly from your truthful central CORE, as Who You Truly Are, both in your vulnerability (our humaness) and in your immense beauty (your uniqueness) and power (your truth) and greatness (your courage). 

Slowly. Allow and enjoy this movement slowly. Baby steps will be required. This world and your very new rising core essence that has been waiting to be birthed and reborn at this momentous time is calling to you now. At this most critical and potential-filled time on Earth. 

I honor the path you are walking. 

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