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Ancient and modern mystics have always used the long positive polarities of our moon to achieve difficult mental/spiritual goals. It was after many centuries when they discovered how to use the attributes of the four elements as effective tools for their self-development. Observing the different moon phases they were able to discover which moon phase corresponded to a different element. They found out the following:

As a moon phase starts also a long negative polarity cycle starts lasting for three days and a half. Here negative means passive not active. They discovered that some very important actions were easily carried out during the long positive polarity cycles; for example taking home remedies, memorizing complex instruction, intentional thinking and meeting successfully much more demanding exercises; both mental and physical.

Their findings cast this: Three days and a half before any new moon; during the long positive polarity the element FIRE must be used. Before a first quarter moon WATER is the element to be used; the element EARTH during any full moon. The last quarter moon is the best period to use the element AIR using all its attributes and advantages.

The FIRE element essence is of a very powerful spiritual nature. It gives us tremendous physical energy, strength and vital powers. Its vital characteristics are liveliness, energy, ardor, enthusiasm, courage and action. We must bath our integral self in this element when we really wish to eliminate unwanted bad emotions in us. Using a lit candle is a wonderful idea to attract this element. Before any new moon we can use the moon’s long polarity to invoke the fire element. During these three days we become true warriors. We demonstrate courage, fortitude, zeal and pugnacity. The mental and moral strength enables us to venture into unknown waters and to persevere and withstand danger. Mettle, resolution, and tenacity are attracted to our spiritual strength, so a lot of difficult tasks can be faced first and then conquered.


The WATER element was first used by mystics then by priests when they were able to create Holy Water in their rituals. The Water element attracts benevolence, so during these three days and a half we must add this positive emotion to our thoughts and actions; charitable deeds plus a kindly disposition to promote goodwill are easily attainable. This element makes us cooperative, companionable, hospitable and social human beings. It is during this cycle when we can aid the sick and the unfortunate just as they would for one’s of own family, and most often ask nothing in return.  

The EARTH element allows us to sell at an excellent price our goods or services offered.  During this cycle we indeed enjoy food and drink. Nice surroundings, good music, the feel of quality materials, the smell and taste of good foods and financial security are the conditions required for an emotionally happy Earth element. I have a twenty year long experience working in restaurants and it is during this cycle when we, food vendors can sell anything! By magnetizing a small stone we can use it to attract every single mineral from our Universe!

Our next element to be used during the three days and a half before any last quarter moon is the AIR element. This sacred element makes us behave like ancient priests. They actively acquired knowledge through experience, education and association. In ancient times, the only educated people were either priests, royalty or those who took it upon themselves to acquire knowledge (seers). During this wonderful time our minds become well-oriented enable us to posses an expanding philosophical curiosity.

Another useful discovery was that from a new moon to a full moon it is an excellent time stimulating our psychic centers; our inner strength must be enhanced. From midnight to four A.M highly spiritual formulas can be easily channeled. Spiritual contacts with Cosmic Masters must be sought during these wonderful fourteen days. From any full moon to any new moon should be dedicated to our physical body. During these fourteen days doing exercise is easier. For four years I dedicated four journals to confirm such mystic findings; I has two journals for each year: one from a new moon to a full moon and the other from a full moon to a new moon.

With immense gratitude your spiritual brother:

Ezequiel Rodriguez Saldivar




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Comment by Alexa on June 1, 2012 at 10:43am

wow, excellent and fantastic! thank you for sharing these amazing teachings Ezequiel. namaste xx

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