I have been blessed to have many wonderful teachers. Included in them was a man called don Miguel Ruiz. I met with him on several occasions, and completed an apprenticeship in his lineage with two very wonderful teachers. The ways of the Toltec Shaman have greatly influenced my path. The Shaman knows that we are all waking up from the dream of the planet, and that our feelings are our guideposts to recovering our dream of Integrity and Happiness.

These are some of Miguel's words taken from his book "The Four Agreements." I use it as a simple meditation. I am sharing it with you today.

I hope you will join me this week in celebrating something that is sacred and inspiring to you.

Practice Idea For Mastering Awareness
Your Authentic Self
by don Miguel Ruiz

Your integrity is who you really are, what you really are, the totality of your authentic self. Spend a few moments every day to get in touch with the memory of what you are. Allow yourself to imagine the possibility that you are made by a certain frequency of Light. Light is the messenger of God; it contains all information, all possibilities, and all power. Imagine that you are made of Light, of Spirit. There is nothing you need to do. There is nothing you need to be except what you really are. Remember what you are, and the dream of your Life will have no limits.

May you find joy and inspiration today. namaste

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