Foto: AN ALCHEMIST’S VERY EFFECTIVE AURA CLEANSING EXERCISE ATTRACTING MORE INCOME TO OUR LIVES June/18/’12 Please allow me to share a very simple and at the same time effective aura cleansing exercise. There are certain periods in our life when suddenly our coworkers, classmates, family members and friends seem to avoid our presence. On these days our aura has absorbed a kind of negative elements. Most of the times are from our creations, while other times these none harmonious energies come from other sources. The solution is quite simple. Get four face towels. Every morning before going to work sprinkle these four face towels with magnetized water. You can magnetize a glass of cool water by holding this glass near your solar plexus and just by staring at it, bottom, middle and top of the water in it say the following: “My loving heart makes it possible to add to the negative polarity of this water an equal quantity and quality of positive polarity coming from the Sun” Sprinkle the four face towels on both sides. Towel one = Side A for face and side B for head. Towel two = Side A for chest and side B for back. Towel three = Side A for left arm and side B for right arm. Rowel four = Side A for left leg and side B for right leg. P R O C E D U R E . While you are wiping, for example your face please imagine that this wet towel erases every negative molecule and enhances every positive molecule.” Feel your face completely clean and refreshed. As you have finished with your fourth face towel face eastwards place your left hand on your chest on its right side and then place your right hand on your left side of your chest, close your eyes and say a silent prayer. “I thank Thee, god of my heart and consciousness for this sacred ancient ritual. Amen!” According to some of my former students immediately; on your first day everything will shine with a special glow. Thank you. Amorifer-alden

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