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Please volunteer yourselves in simple experiment which can increase our psychic sensitiveness.

    Many years ago, by mere chance, like many discoveries have occurred I created, counting with God’s inspiration, something very easy and at the same time very instructing. At that time Quantic Physics wasn’t heard of yet. An idea struck my mind. To magnetize a simple piece of paper with some secret information and that this data could last at least fifty years. It was a magazine cover of a copy of Popular Mechanics. By holding this magazine covers for about ten minutes by looking at it and wishing that my inner self could express itself with some eternal truths. I suddenly thought why not the most useful experiences had in some of my Past lives? Why not? So by using a pencil I drew an spiral starting right at the middle of this magazine cover. I tore this cover and place it inside one of my books. I forgot totally about it, when about twenty years later when we were moving to another house this book was dropped and the magazine cover appeared. A couple of days later, when we were installed in our new home I held this piece of paper in both hands, close my eyes and suddenly to my mind came all the memories kept in this simple object twenty years ago. I was amazed!  I was mesmerized! I even could hear the wise words of some eternal truths, so from this time on I have given some special people a magnetized simple piece of paper to find out those people who have developed psychic abilities and they haven’t realized it yet.

 Would you like to help me in a new experiment? Only to those who wish to participate. I need at least a dozen people. Only one thing I will advance to you. Some people have been able to “SEE” me in three different past lives. Here I must emphasize that I am not important at all. What is important is to prove to a seventy percent of you that indeed it works well. All the convinced people could then later on do the same I did and start sending us this special magnetized piece of paper with the information of your master within. I am opened to other suggestions coming from you as first hand experiences or as second ones. I firmly believe most of us are more than ready.

Your ancient-modern shaman.


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