Mighty oaks from little acorns grow.


Who am I?, that’s seems to me to be a good place to start, I am a spirit living as a male human being on earth, why I say as a male human being is because we have no sex as a pure spirit, angels have no sex as they are pure spirits having not lived on the earth plane, it God that decides if we are to be male or female. It is also up to God if we are born in the first place so you see each child is a gift from God. So when you look at a child you are looking at a miracle from God, miracles happen every day its just that people take them for granted and don’t see them. God also decides if we are to reincarnated if we have been hear before, so you see its not up to us we can belly ache as much as we like on the over side but the big boss as the last say on weather or not we come back.

My present earth name is Stefan Antal, I have been reincarnated on the earth plane ten times now and have come back again to work for God and try to put something’s right. Some people don’t believe in reincarnation but I know it is so, I have been told that I lived before as a native American and went by the name of crazy horse, now that’s one for all the people that say have you notice all spiritualist have a Indian guide I went one better I was that Indian. Dario’s told me the American Indian was wiped out because God needed them back in heaven, they where the most spiritual people on the planet and they where needed to work for him, and yes I do have Indian guides. I have also been a monk and a marine if I do get told more I will reveal it to you until then I will tell you where I stand in the spirit world. Dario’s is the name of the angel that as chosen to work with me, sent by God and boy what a hard job he as, you see free will get in the way from time to time and as allowed me to stray from my path, but I do always come back into line and carry on with what I have to do and hopefully from this point I will stray no more.

You are most probably saying what is my job?, well sit tight and I will tell you where the angels have placed me, I have been given the title of priest to the lost spirits. I have worked and prayed for lost spirits for many years and do call on St Michael, when I visit a new town, I pray to St Michael to come and rescue any lost spirits. This work as changed a bit over the years and most of my work does take place on the astral plan between the two worlds well I sleep, it the best time for my spirit to leave my body and work with the lost spirits. Dario’s with Gods blessing gave me the title of priest and I was told it was to give me some authority other lost spirits. This was mind blowing and an honor I had not ask for, in spite of this I did see it as a promotion and acknowledgement from spirit for the work I do and have been doing for years. Spirit must have taught me how to do this work as I have never had any training on the earth plain for this work.

The next honor the angles bestowed on me was to become a prophet. Well at first I had it in my mind that I was to make predictions about the future, a bit like Nostradamus if you like but no I got that bit wrong, I was not going to make predictions or inspired utterances this Dario’s soon told me was not the case. I was told the prophecy was now with me and up till this point I have given it a lot of thought, a prophet is a seer an inspired preacher sent by god could I be one?, this put me in an all new ball game. Just think of some of the prophet that have gone before Mosses, Jesus, and Mohamed just to mention a few, this was truly mind blowing I was also to be known as a profit. And why now? Well I have always said that Christ came to early and could have reached more people today what with mass communication, the hole world would be there for him to preach to.

The mind blowing communication as not stopped there and when I return to the spirit world I have been told Jesus Christ will be waiting for me to join him, I was told I will work for him, the father and the holy spirit. Well some of you may well be thinking hear we go another religious nut, not at all if you think God as given up on us all and the earth you are wrong he will always send spirits to work on earth when they are needed the most that is why I am hear, this to me is a great honor and I am thankful for the opportunity of making a difference. Why now? and why not someone that had done the job before? Well it would have been nice for Mosses, Jesus or Mohamed to have come back but they are already working from the other side, so sorry you are stuck with me for now. Over the course of time profits have been hear, the message they bring is good but as always men step in and form religions around the word they bring. Dario’s told me your time is now, this is your time, take all you have learnt and all the skills you have learnt over your life times and put them to use, this tells me I have been in training for hundreds of years now I must do the lords bidding. How dose that make me feel?, very frightened but I no the lord will look after me. Every profit as had his cross to bear, men turned on them all now I am putting myself in there place, even down to the name calling and public ridicule, how many people I have known over the years will say he is no profit I went to school with him or I worked with him, that’s o k I no my faith will carry me on with gods love in my heart, men will try to put me down but as with the others time will tell, I am not only hear to work for god but all the profit as well, they all did a good job bringing Gods love and light to the world, it mankind as that change what they said for there own ends, I am hear to give you Gods word in a way men of this time can understand but the message is still the same as what we have heard before. I do wonder how long it will take mankind to change my words, I no some will listen.

There was no such thing as a christen before Jesus Christ, and no such thing as a Muslim before Mohamed, Judaism dint exists before Abraham but God did. So we have had the time to worship the lord in any form we chose with religion, but I say dose God wont this thing we call religion?, would it not be enough for God if we all prayed in are own way as long as we acknowledged him, as long as we all acknowledged him that is. I do fined it is nice to go to church and sing praise to God but it just as nice to acknowledge him sat watching the sun rise or in the flight of a bird well on my own. This is something that as come to me well talking to some people that don’t go to church they tell me they believe in God but don’t need to go to church they do it there way, that to me is o k and I should think God feels the same but it would be nice if these people made there views more public as it may bring more back to God. Churches do there bit but to me they have become to rich and powerful with money being to much in play, the top men with all the power saying nothing about God just feeding there position of importance. God made the earth and all in it would it not be nice to walk into a church and the priest say come on lets all go out side this building was built by man lets worship in God church outside, I am shore the congregation would get more from the service and perhaps more people would attend.

One thing man as dune over the years is listen to the word of God, brought to them by the prophets, they have then taken the word and used it within there religions. but they have mist the point of taking each prophet into there religion, each prophet as come to spread the word of God just like there brothers that came before them, but they get rejected by the existing churches instead of being welcomed in. if the church of the day when Jesus was alive had welcomed him in and listened to what he was saying would Israel not be on a war footing with it neighbors or would they be at piece. Mohamed brought the word of God to the earth, the angle that spoke to him was Gabriel, the same Gabriel that is mentioned in the bible but did the world listen, no a new religion was born called Muslim.

For to long now churches have been turning there backs on the prophets as they have revealed the word of God, because it easer not to listen and close there doors to a new word they have caused dissention and divided the peoples of the world, not united them as God intended. I say to them its time to listen and bring unity to the world, this is the way to bring piece to the earth and allow the people of earth to help each other. I look around and see what Dario’s meant when he said there was more light in the world during the dark ages, when Moses came down from the mountain with the ten commandments the first time he threw them on the ground, smashing them to pieces, what he was seeing we have today all around us created by man.

We only need sex to repopulate the earth and allow new spirits to come through, unfortunately men and women enjoy sex witch as lead to a load of suffering on the earth, people are sometimes taken down the road of using sex for pleaser, it as even become big business for making money, that’s the saddest thing about the sex industry people being used by there fellow man to make money, it’s the people running this industry that are living opulent life styles that are the real criminals in this world. Sex is even used as a means for people to earn money to feed drug addiction, Drug abuse is rife among the young and the rich, I am not jugging these people every one as free will to do what they like, it Gods job to judge, I am judging the activities of man and saying how can this world change unless we use Gods love and light to help the people that are caught in the trappings of a materialistic world.

Lack of respect for the planet can be seen all around from litter on a street to a hole left in the ground when man as finished digging coal used to pollute the air we breath. Crime takes on many different forms and can land on any of are door steps any time and in so many ways, I do believe the worst crime there is what the native American calls the blue man or greed to you and me, I am not saying it wrong for some one to have a lot of money or use there free will to become rich what I am saying is it how they use there wealth, if they sit in there ivory towers and only look down on there fellow man how can they expect the world to be at piece with no more crime, poverty and hunger. If they live behind closed doors to shut out crime, poverty and hunger the people that are without will always try to take what you have away.

Healing is another thing close to my heart and I believe the biggest thing we have to heal is the world, we can only do this as a united family, all doing are own little bit in are own way as long as we all work at it together. We all have to look at what needs to be healed before we can change it, a doctor diagnoses what is wrong with the patient then he looks for a cure, you and me are now that doctor, we are all doctors that can look at the earth as the patient, once you have done this you will find something that needs to be healed, it may be something you are doing, like throwing rubbish out of your car window when going down the road, this may seem a bit trivial to sum but you see each little thing can make a difference and help heal the planet.

It not just the planet that needs healing it people and the energies they give of, these energies are hurting the planet as well, if no one on the planet can give a smile away just think what a miserable depressed lot we will be, God wants us to laugh, play and be happy. Why not just start by giving a stranger a smile, talk to a neighbor or better still talk to some one that’s homeless it all helps heal the planet, its all in the mind set and getting your mind in the right place, if you try to do a little each day we can all help make a difference and your mind does change to a more positive position. I do healing on people and animals, they say you should only do healing on a person with there permission, they have to ask you for healing, bull every time I go out I ask spirit to give people healing when I pass them, they only have to seem like they need it and I ask. I have been doing this for so long now that I do it freely if I see a wheel chair or a limp, it like the litter you only have to think I wont through this packet or bottle on the ground I will put it in the bin, well the healings the same it comes straight to mind and you do it. This all helps me with my present job that is to bring light to the world, my message to the world is a simple one of Gods love may his light shine forth.

Written by Stefan Antal/Crazy Horse priest to the lost spirits, and prophet for God the father, the son and the holy spirit.

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