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A Peaceful Sunday at the Peace Pagoda This is a true story as told by myself...It happened one Sunday back in February 2009, a week before Valentine's Day. I was going for a walk in one of many deve…

A Peaceful Sunday at the Peace Pagoda

This is a true story as told by myself...It happened one Sunday back in February 2009, a week before Valentine's Day. I was going for a walk in one of many developments where I live and had a notion half way through the walk to go to the Grafton Peace Pagoda in Grafton,N.Y.
As I was trekking back I had an urge of hunger pangs and was going to get a bite to eat at home. Remember what I just said as to later on it is the story. When I got home, I found out my wife went out shopping and my daughter was studying some papers for a report for at college at the kitchen table and I did not want to disturb her. I told her I would be home to pick up my mother-in-laws car around 4:00 PM and to tell mom I will be there. She agreed and I picked out of the kitchen cabinet a package of Goldfish crackers and off I went.
My first coincidental experience was I was following a truck that had vanity plates that said "GEARDOCTOR" on them. At the time I did not know what that meant but continued. As I travelled up Route 7 going east then 278 to Tamarac and then to Grafton where Taconic Lake Road is I noticed a lady with gray hair walking very briskly down Taconic Lake Road. As I was driving past her she smiled at me and I wondered to myself if she was going to the Pagoda but another coincident was going to happen. I went down Crandall Road and parked behind two vehicles as noticed that these people were here to meditate and give thanks.
So I get out of the car and start to walk up the snowy path and was met by a Irish Setter puppy as if he wanted to tell me something. Well, he did. As he was leading me on, I noticed the front of the temple was closed with a sign on it stating it was closed to go in the back way. The puppy was bringing me back in the back way. I noticed another sign that pointed me to go through the kitchen and down to the temple, as I left the puppy there outside in the cold. I took my shoes off and heard chanting as Nam Myoho Renge Kyo.
I said to myself, it sounds like a ceremony so maybe I should turn around and go back home. All I wanted to do is meditate there but something told me to stay and become one with the rest. I walked down the stairs and seen the Nicherin Buddhist Nun hitting the peace drum and pointed to me to proceed in the back of the temple. I bowed to the altar and bowed toward her. I noticed 5 people there as they were going through the motions as I do not know the culture good enough to go through the motions, as brought up a Catholic. I found my place in the back and started to get figitdy with my seating. I love seating on a high pillow or sit on a chair but I sat on the floor as the Nun seen me in discomfort but allowed me to continue.
Well, I gazed at the people that were there and noticed two couples and a little girl as cute as a button. She turned around and started to wink at me and I kept smiling at her. As soon as the ceremony was over, the Nun asked the couples to help her set the table. Set the table? What the? The Nun grabbed the one couple as they proceeded to go in the kitchen. As the other couple sat there they were meditating, and I sought higher ground to sit as in the chair behind me. The room was a brisk 20 degrees and I decided to take my sweatshirt off because I found my core temperature, as you know Buddhists in a temple or colony do not believe in western technology when it comes to heating or cooling a place, still the same I was comfortable. The Nun came back in and put blankets on the other couple.
She told the other couple,"we eat Now ," and said "welcome,too." Well Welcome ,too was me but did not know that. After 5 minutes sitting there I decided to get up and go home, but the Nun came out and directed me to the kitchen and offered me some tea. I obliged and when I got there, she set a plate for me to eat. She said to me,"I see you here sometimes. why you come? Who sent you? Do you like?" I said ,"yes, I come here a few times and yes I like it here and the guys down at work told me about this place." She directed me downwards to a sitting stool to eat, as she knew I was in discomfort in the temple.
As I was looking at what she prepared me, it was spiced rice with kimshe,brocolli and carrots with rasberry tea and it was real good. She was telling me about why they had people here this weekend with ceremony. She said, "This couple here, left side, get married next week on Valentine's Day and this couple here on right side get married last year on Valentines Day." I said well ain't that a coincidence, according to my calculations I was conceived on Valentines Day in 1954, what a one great big family", as I held out my arms as top embrace everyone in the room. As the Nun was talking she asked me if I was a Buddhist. I said, "No but I read into Zen. and not Buddhism." She told me of a place in the Catskills that has a Zen monastery. I told her I knew about it but I am not austere as my Spirit is free.
So as the minutes were winding down, the Nun took my dishes and gave me an apple crisp which was also delicious. I was talking to the two guys as their soul mates went off to help the Nun with the dishes. I heard the one guy say to the other,"your bride to be has a deep European accent and what country is she from?" The other guy said, Now get this, this is the whole intent why not only to go meditate there at the Pagoda but what I was longing for seeing I did not eat,"HUNGARY." I did a double take and practically fell out my stool as I almost stooled myself.Another coincidence.
I looked at the clock and told everyone I had to go back home but the Buddhist Nun said to me, "I am leaving soon to go to Germany to a peace march and Tibetan monks come to take care of the place. Please come back in May 10th this year." I said,"OK," but did not know that was going to be Mother's Day and the Dalai Lama at the same time being there. Another weird coincidence. Gave everyone a hug and said goodbye as I left, by the way the dog was still outside but he made it in as far as where you put your shoes. How did he do that?
As I was walking away that day not only was it addressed Spiritually to me but that same gray hair lady that I past early on was walking by the Peace Pagoda waving at me like she was there in my Subjective Reality all the time, another coincidence? I say,"YES!" Oh yes, remember the truck with "GEARDOCTOR" on it well the next day it dawned on me what that meant. Gear is an object that meshes with another to make a machine work synchronistically and doctor is something fixes someones ills or aligns things up for someone. That day I had the biggest "GEARDOCTOR" ever known to mankind....GOD/HIGHER INTEL/SOURCE come to me in calling cards as I always mention. All my life I get these calling cards but Now I get closer to the meaning of my core being.
Well I hope you enjoyed this blog as much as I wrote it for you and may you see your coincidences beneficial as well....I truly can say I love my life and grateful that I was put here as I get closer to the being I am suppose to be always.
Dom* Colucci(+)33 777

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Comment by Dominic on December 23, 2009 at 6:34pm
Dean you sure the future blogs on here came all from my heart and communicated by my Soul as before 29March2009 I had never heard of doing a blog and avoided the sound of the word...until I joined a support group called, in which I do not go as much as I use to go there Now, and set my sites on a story one night in my bedroom with my laptop to talk with my inner being as the name of the story was Beauty from Beyond* and had numerous hits on it as I will put it on here as well for your enjoyment...Be well Soul Bro as always in well being(+)
Dom* :)
Comment by dean meason on December 23, 2009 at 6:09pm
May I take a second chance to comment? Truth to become truth must be our own. Story telling affords us that opportunity.
Comment by Dominic on December 23, 2009 at 5:11pm
Dean...thanks for your kindest more will start streaming into this website....enjoy my Soul Bro(+)
Comment by dean meason on December 23, 2009 at 4:05pm
Blessed are the story tellers, for they give us truth, unvarnished




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