A Note from the Founder to Visitors and Members

As of December 31, 2014 Awakened Journey will longer be accepting new members.

Thank you for your interest in and visiting our site. Please enjoy our archives and articles. 

Namaste * and enjoy!

~~ the Awakened Journey Cocreative Community ~~

Although the site is winding down, we still offer this space as a circle of community, inspiration, sharing, safety, joy, love, connection and inspiration for members expanding their hearts and healing and deepening our embodiment of the truth of who we Are. Please enjoy!


It is with big deep Divine hugs that I say ... Thank You.

As of Dec. 31, 2014 - Awakened Journey is no longer accepting new members.


A Note from the Founder: (updated) 

From 2008 - 2014 Awakened Journey served as an inspired and enlightened online global community for people around the globe sharing a path of authentic spiritual recovery & awakening, spiritual-emotional evolution (expression) and wellbeing, personal and global healing, and sharing the journey of expanding/contracting consciousness and our hearts leading up to and through the cyclic shift of 2012 and its immediate post-year period. That mission has been fulfilled, and since then site activity has been winding down - although there has been a new surge of activity percolating this year as we shifted into resolution/Rebirth this cycle. In any case...

We remain online now as a global home base for members, or seekers who wish to reflect or rediscover on a deeper level, and.. to share the many gifts we cocreated for the next person who may be looking. 

As we each move forward with our next new callings and best new next steps, I want to share another big heartfelt, soul~full *Thank You* to all friends on the Path, for being part of this incredible and inspiring circle. I have learned and grown so much with and from you; and I hold great gratitude to you all for all that was created here - your presence and your many gifts to the Site ... the support, so much shared inspiration and tons of **Love**. It's been an honor, a joy and a gift. 

If you are visiting, enjoy the many articles and inspirations on site. Wherever you are on your Path, and as always, follow your heart and callings (your own personal yellow brick road) ... and ,,,

I look forward to seeing where we grow from here! 

signing off with biggest hearts and hugs xoxx

Alexa* & the Awakened Journey Cocreative Community

Fall/Winter 2014

*see Alexa's bio below

A Note to Members:

Although we are no longer accepting new members,

Current Members may continue to update, connect, or share onsite as they wish.  

These are your pages, your groups, your intentions, so enjoy.

As we transition into our next cycle and roles,

we will remain online as a connective online homebase for members and others who may be looking until further notice. 

Feel free to rest here and touch base, or drop a note to say hello... 

As always, I can't wait to see where our hearts grow from here!

It has been such a pleasure and a joy journeying with You  through some powerfully transformative years**


with biggest blessings of gratitude & so much love xxo, Alexa 

things are shifting and evolving ... 

come find/join me on FB! 

Be the blessing you wish to see in the world!

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