It was in the year two thousand and seven when I dared to narrate the following story. I’ve just realize that it took me thirteen years to put this experience into words and I know it doesn’t do it the right justice, but being aware that is a matter of sharing our blessing I decided to communicate this to you today. This current year has brought us many new-ancient friends. So, here is this unforgettable magical moment. 

My mother passed away in 1961. She was only forty-four years old. I was nineteen years old. My father died in 1966.I was twenty-four years old. He was just fifty-one years old. My mother died due to a brain tumor and my father from a severe brain stroke. I never told them how much I had loved them. They never told me how much they had loved me. 

It was in the year 1994, specifically a Sunday in June. Because I had been writing everything in action journals since 1975 I had discovered several astronomic conditions on which divine messages had illuminated my mind. During my sleep a message appeared: I had to remember to be extra sensitive for subtle spiritual experiences from the second of June to the fourth of this month I should looked up for information regarding the moon, so I found out that on these two days the moon would be in Pisces and that there would be a conjunction between the moon and the planet Saturn. I had been attending a group of meditation who started in 1991. So, that Sunday morning I headed to a Rosicrucian Lodge for meditating. This group was formed by people involved in practical and modern mysticism. Most of them were at least twenty years older than me. Few of them were ten years older than me. Only another member was ten years younger than me. I stared such studies at nineteen when the regulation was, at that time to be over twenty one years old. Every Sunday we gathered to share our experiences, to check for faults in these teachings, to add something to them and for the practical application of these teachings in our lives. 
All of us had at least a thirty year experience doing meditation exercises, so the main purpose was to share all mental and mystical experiences we have had with the Divinity. What follows is indeed a very poor translation of what happened: 

As usual, we performed a long meditation; to set the proper mood only the whole room was lit with three candles placed right in the middle of the temple, also some soft instrumental music was played in the background. This very special meditation had no time limit. Sometimes it lasted just seven minutes and other times much longer. Everybody was in the insight moment when, suddenly I began to see one side of a brand new long wooden table. I was facing the front part of this immense table. This table didn’t have a tablecloth. What caught my attention was the thickness of this special table. It appeared to be six inches thick. It looked just being made. The smell of just cut wood could be perceived. Then, my eyes saw a pair of hands; they were the most beautiful pair of human hands I’ve ever seen in my life. I could appreciate the fingers first, then my shocked gaze followed upwards and then I saw his whole beautiful and healing hands, arms, His magnificent silhouette, and then His big and very bright Divine eyes. It was Jesus Christ Himself in flesh and blood! ; Very much alive. His aura was difficult to describe using our physical senses; it was very soft, but at the same time very bright. Immediately I heard in my mind’s eye more than in a physical being these words: 

“Ezekiel, you asked for an audience with me. Your long expected turn has at last arrived, so tell me what you need!” 

I was shocked! To tell you the truth, I expected a much more Jesus Christ like the one depicted in the Christian teachings from church. I expected a special sweetness in His Voice. I expected listening to longer loving sentences and not such short commands .Anyway, realizing that this was a great spiritual moment I calmed down and I kept my stare at what I had right in front of me , so after I caught my breath two more divine figures magically appeared; one to Lord Jesus right and another to His left. I was expecting them to speak, but they were silent. They seemed being unaware of my presence. It looked like they were reinforcing Jesus Impressive Presence. To his right was standing the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen, immediately I fell in platonic love with this very peculiar woman, she was about Jesus Christ age, but at the same time looked like His mother. Her Divinity was so perfectly beautiful than any flesh desire for her was immediately erased from one’s mind. This ideal woman is the one you wish to have as your own spiritual mother. 
What I did was to very humbly to thank God for being able to lay my eyes on her. To Jesus’ left, there was a middle aged impressive strong man with gray hair. The description I can give you is that he was very similar to the character MOSES played by Charlton Heston in movie THE TEN COMMADMENTS 

Then I said to JESUS CHRIST “Please I beg Thee to give me a very brave heart because Our Father gave this soul many gifts; presents which I haven’t been able to use due to a lack of bravery from this loving heart” 
I felt this Supreme Gaze inside me; His eyes were brighter than His Radiant Aura. His piercing eyes found my soul and as this occurred immediately He was transfixed, instead of HIM, now I was facing my father. My father using a very tranquil and kind voice said the following: 

“Dear son please forgive for not being the father you deserved to have had” Then I responded: “Dear father please forgive me for not being the son you always wanted that I be, I could never tell you how much I loved you. Now I’m telling you that I always have loved you not matter what!” 

Then once more, it was our Lord Jesus. Our eyes met and suddenly Instead of Him I was staring at my mother, the Divine moment was once more repeated. I was told by my mother how she has wished to had been a much better mother that she had been. She regretted not being able to overcome her shyness, so she wished that I could. Due to this lack of assertiveness she could never tell me how much she had loved her eldest son and how she wished she had defended me against my father’s poor judgment regarding how he had never forgiving me for being so shy. I told her that I was very sorry for not telling her the immense love and admiration I felt for her. I always knew that she loved me, but I wasn’t sure she knew that I also loved her. 

Then I was able to see these three Divine Entities for a fraction where I was. I was inside of a copy of an Egyptian temple, well a very accurate copy of it. 
Then the lights were on. I had lost the track of time. The well illuminated temple’s interior was with the purpose of appreciating fully the voice and body language of the members who would narrate their insights. We’ve found out that this action was very rewarding for everybody there present because this permitted us to be conscious of the manifestations of our real selves. We usually take turns. On this occasion I tried to listen to two or three of such experiences, but my brain didn’t record anything. I was still enjoying mine; so when I was asked to describe my experience I stood up to narrate it, but I really wasn’t able to utter a single word. I was just standing at my place still mesmerized. My integral being was trembling with an unexplainable divine bliss. I was overwhelmed for having crossed over into the Spiritual Realm. My cheeks and chest were wet. They noticed that I had been crying. They had understood that something sacred has occurred to me. So they let me be. 

After these gatherings what we used to do was to socialize for about half an hour before going home, but what I did was to keep on crying with sublime gratefulness to God. I suddenly realized that all the years spent studying mysticism had been well worth; to enjoy this single magical-mystical momentum. I had been blessed! I had been divinely touched! What I did, was to promise them to narrate this experience the following week. I never could. Every time I tried doing this my integral being once more experienced such wonderful blessing. I felt my heart being expanded. I felt my whole being filled with His Divine Light, Life and Love! So I started weeping once more. 

I must tell you that all the shed tears weren’t from self pity at all! They were like a very effective spiritual cleansing therapy. Really there are no words for it. I had found my real me! At last I would have many opportunities to manifest my divine skills and gifts! What I do know is that it was an effective inner catharsis. Since then, step by step my life changed I became an actor instead of a spectator in the theater of life. I wasn’t afraid of people anymore. I wasn’t afraid to express my thoughts. There was no fear in my everyday behavior. I had realized that now I did have a very brave heart, a supreme loving heart! I had become the happiest man on Earth! I had become the Candyman! I had a lot of spiritual candy to personally hand it over to anybody in need for such treats.
So, here you are. I’ve just naked my true self to you. There are no regrets on this at all. This is your eternal friend Ezequiel. Thank You God!................................. Once more I am crying. 

I expect that you too have enjoyed this magical experience as I have enjoyed sharing this once more.

I love you! 

Principio del formulario


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Comment by Jane Jones on October 29, 2011 at 11:25am
How very intimate your expressions and how I do live through your words and become a part of this experience! Truly a gift you have Ezequiel the Candyman!
Comment by Ezequiel Rodiguez on October 27, 2011 at 12:00pm
Alexa, your kind words made me cry, but with a blissful feeling of deep brotherly appreciation! I thAnk God for having found your loving and lovable presence!!! I LOVE YOU :)
Comment by Alexa on October 27, 2011 at 8:07am
thank you Ezequiel. Sharing our stories is such a gift to receive and so magical when it happens. thank you for sharing such a sacred account, we change the world when we open our true selves to others. thank you for this blessing of reading your posts. namaste, beloved candyman! I love you!!

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