A Minute of Zen - I was just reminded of a zen moment I had over the weekend. my
husband was driving and I looked into the rearview mirror from my passenger
seat. In the mirror I could see the green trees from alongside the road float
rapidly by. One tree, after another tree, after another (I live in foresty
Maryland), floating across and through the frame of the mirror. and I
immediately thought:... those trees are like my thoughts... just passing by.
And I was simply the witness.

It was like, oh, yeah, there's that one
again, and that one. and look, they're (thoughts) just floating by like the
images in the car-mirror. this after many years of working with the principle
and practice. It was so cool! Peace ♥

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Comment by Jane Jones on October 28, 2011 at 12:32pm

Dear Alexa: How Beautiful! And the in simplicity is so rare today. Being that we are "simply the witness" to all this wonder going by and by! So abSOULutely lovely!

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